Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dog Days Ep 11-Millhore's Concert Part 2

Shinku and Millhore were trying to get back to camp however there were tremors and ground breaking. Luckily, Rico and Eclair arrived with Harlan the flying Chocobo and rescue them.

Brochie and Yukikaze found the demon sword in the forest and proceed to seal it. After a quick battle, they seal the sword and the sky and the earth went back normal. They returned back to camp and reported to Millhore.

She explained to Yukikaze about the baby fox's mother in her dream which she replied that the mother has passed on and it was her spirit is communicate to Millhore.

Leon recovered from her injuries and had a press conference. She apologize for the chaos that happen and want to start anew with Biscotti. Millhore agreed and they had a festival a few nights later.

That night, Eclair asked Shinku to escort her to the festival not realising Rico and Yukikaze watching them from behind. However Gaul came and invited Shinku and the others for a picnic. As they were eating, Rico received a mail from the academy and excused herself.

Leon went to visit Milhore before her concert. She apologize to Millhore and tried to explain her reasons. Millhore knew everything about Leon's foreseen future from Rouge and Violet when they were captured. Leon was shocked however she was sincere in saving her from death. Millhore told her not to be too superstitious and want her to be her friend again. Leon agreed to it.

Later, Millhore started her concert and during the concert, Shinku accidentally held Eclair's arm which she was embarrassed. The baby fox watched the concert and started to glow, releasing green magical veins and his mother's spirit appeared and flew to the sky.

As everyone was celebrating, Rico was in a corner, upset over something...

So that's it?! Millhore and Leon rekindled their friendship and everything went back to normal? So no explaination of why a demon sword came from nowhere and nearly kill everybody? I hope they will explain it some how before the series end. Anyway, Rico is upset and I got a feeling that it's got something to do with Shinku's returning home...

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