Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE-New Gundam Series this Fall!

After Gundam 00, a new Gundam series will be out this fall and it will span 3 generations of pilots

The new series will have three generations of "father, child, and descendant" as the lead characters who pilot the Gundam unit to fight against an unknown attacking enemy (UE) and save Earth. The first main character is Furitto Asuno, who developed the Gundam AGE-1 mobile suit (humanoid mobile weapon) equipped with the AGE System (a self-adapting computer). The second main character is Asemu Asuno, Furitto's child. The third main character is Kio Asuno, Furitto's descendant who inherits the Gundam. The Gundam AGE-1 can be augmented as the Gundam AGE-1 Taitasu for more power, or as the Gundam AGE-1 Sparrow for more speed.

My thoughts: It remind me of Agarest Senki of the PS3 but at least they are not going for the bishouen look this time like Gundam 00 and Gundam Seed. It could be a good thing as they are probably going for the younger audiences but adult fans might think otherwise. The AGE Gundam look like a hybrid of RX-78 and Exia Gundam's love child. The different variations of it remind me of Ultraman Tiga's change mode form.

Anyway, it will be out this fall which is probably during Sept to Nov during the Autumn Anime Season. I will review it if it come out.

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