Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 10-Attack of the Mad Bears!

The heroes were now taking some time off from their hero careers as Tiger went to a toy store to buy a present for his daughter, Kaede. He was convinced by a sale person to buy a 'Mad Bear' doll which can make his relationship better with Kaede.

Bunny did some research on the Ouroboros and finally found out who is his parents' killer. A convicted prisoner named Jake Martinez and he is locked up in prison. Bunny immediately went to the prison while Tiger was driving to his daughter's place.

Suddenly, a group of robots destroyed part of the bridge, cutting entry to the other side. Tiger and the other heroes arrived, minus Bunny who was told by Tiger to go and find Jake. Tiger defeated one of the robots and discovered to be controlled by a Mad Bear doll.

Soon more robots appeared in different parts of the city and the heroes spread out further to stop them. Tiger was drained out of power, managed to rescue a lady trapped in a car and destroying a few more robots with a Gatling gun.

Bunny came to his aid and assured him he can visit Jake again as he is locked up for 250 years. Suddenly the Mad Bear dolls exploded, releasing hundreds of cards with the Ouroboros sign. A blimp appeared on top of the the city and a mysterious lady jam the airwaves, announcing that they are from Ouroboros.

Their plan was to destroy all entries (the bridge, the helipads and the harbour ports) in or out of the city by using the Mad Bears. Their plan has succeeded and told the heroes that they are now holding the citizens hostage.

They demanded the release of one of their comrades-Jake Martinez which angered Bunny more. They also threaten to destroy the pillars holding the city if Jake is not released. Meanwhile, the naked man from last episode was Jake and he finished a creepy drawing on the cell wall and signing it off...

Finally, Ouroboros has make their move and a real ingenious move! By holding the whole city hostage, the heroes are up to their biggest challenge yet! Surprising that Bunny took this far to figure out Jake was his parents' killers and the best thing, he is in prison all this while without Bunny realising it. Anyway, we are going to see Jake (He never spoke a line and just humming) in the next episode and I am quite suspicious that he and Yuri AKA Lunatic might be related since they have the same powers...

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