Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dog Days Ep 10-It's just a kid!

Leon and Millhore saw the big sphere changing form into a giant demon creature on fours and surrounded by pink souls.

Leon tried to take it down when Millhore took a hit from one of the sharp veins. A pink soul took Millhore away and knocked Leon down to the castle top.

Shinku and Eclair arrived and saw what happened. They chased the demon by Shinku's flying surfboard. Meanwhile, Millhore is in another world where a female kyubi spirit spoke to her.

Shinku and Eclair were getting closer but when a huge pile of rocks appeared at them, he block them with his cape not harming Eclair. She realised that she will distract Shinku so she jump off the board but fire her magic to give Shinku an extra boost. He make it to the back of the demon and began to fight his way though as Millhore is held in a sphere.

The female Kyubi spirit explained to Millhore that her son was stabbed by a demon blade which corrupt him and turn into a demon. Years ago, the holy swords were used to seal it but now the seal has weakened, releasing her son again to the world.

She begged Millhore to kill her son as she is unable to do so. Millhore refused as her son is innocent and she used all her power to save her son.

Shinku arrived at the sphere and it broke free due to Millhore's strong will. However she is naked and it embarrassed them both. Suddenly both Excelide and Paladion began to glow, turning into big swords and restoring both Millhore and Shinku's health and clothes.

They charge their way through using the new swords and arrived at the demon blade. They managed to pull out releasing the son from the curse and the demon turn into dust.

However, the demon blade started to assimilate Shinku but Leon shot a demon slaying arrow from the castle and destroying the blade. The two of them were glad that it was over and process back to their camp to save the young Kyubi...

That was not so bad despite only Shinku and Millhore were the one that destroyed the demon creature. Though Leon was the one who saved Shinku before the demon blade consumed him. However I doubt it is over yet as the sky is still dark which means something sinister might still be on the way. Remember the future of Shinku and Millhore is still not yet averted as they are still holding the holy swords.

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