Friday, June 3, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 8-Fire and Ice (Durandal Arc)

Aria and Kinji rushed to rescue Shirayuki from Durandal. They finally found her being chained and locked to a pipe. Suddenly the warehouse started to fill up with water. Kinji ordered Aria to go after Durandal while he tried to lock pick the locks.

As the water is rising to their neck, Shirayuki told him to leave however he refused and managed to unlock of the locks. A rush of water hit Kinji away but he swan back and kiss her in order to activate Hysteria mode. He quickly free her and took her up to the upper floor. Another wave hit him but he managed to climb up.

He found Shirayuki and Aria was looking for him. A piano wire was set as a trap for Aria but Kinji defused it and he apologise to Aria for not trusting her. Aria approached Shirayuki but Kinji realised it was Durandal in disguise (Her bra was light-colored while Shirayuki's bra was dark-colored) Durandal tried to attack Aria and in the process gave frost bite to Aria's hands.

Aria blamed Durandal for framing her mother however Durandal announced her ancestor is Jeanne d'Arc. Aria rebutted that Jeanne left no heir behind when she was burned to the stake. Jeanne clamied that it was a decoy who died and she is the 30th descendant of the original Jeanne. She also mentioned that Riko have warned her about Aria and Kinji and her purpose is to bring Aria to EU.

The real Shirayuki appeared which Jeanne had to retreat back into the shadows. She reappeared as her true self welding the sword, Durandal. Shirayuki told Kinji that she is going to use her forbidden skills but she is worried that he will be afraid of her after that. He gave her the confidence that he will not leave her ever.
It's FSN Saber Lilly!

Shirayuki took her stance and told Jeanne that her name is just a cover-up to her actual name-The Scarlet Miko AKA Himiko. Shirayuki activated her skill and her sword blade is filled with flames.

They began to battle while Aria instructed Kinji to wait for the right moment to support Shirayuki. Finally the duo strike back and Shirayuki finally destroyed Durandal and Jeanne was captured.

A few days later, Shirayuki and Aria took part in the cheer leading during the meet and later at Kinji's dorm, Shirayuki confessed that it was Aria who placed the medicine on Kinji's bed and not her. Aria forgive her and announced Shirayuki as her ally and even gave her the key card to Kinji's dorm.  Aria also instructed her not to do any hanky-panky with Kinji.
It's Psycho Shirayuki again!

But Shirayuki misunderstood and rebutted that she too kiss Kinji and started chasing Aria all over the room and she want to take it to the next level with Kinji. Kinji fell into the river again while a mysterious blonde lady was watching everything...

Well, the end of Durandal Arc. A short one but this whole episode is full of action. With near death traps and a sword fight between a knight and samurai Miko, it was pretty good. Through I starting to think that EU must have gather people whose ancestors are very talented and even Jeanne claimed that EU were the shadows that control the history of mankind. (An another conspiracy group like the Free-Masons?) Through Jeanne is tough but Aria and co defeat her with team work which is probably whay Aria also realised that in order to clear her mother's name, she is going to need more allies like what her mother said to her before.

Anyway, the next episode implies that Riko is back again with her dirty tricks, trying to seduce Kinji again.

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