Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 9-The Wolf, the Demon and the Ghost (Riko's Return Arc)

Kinji went to a unknown location where he was pound on Aria. However he figure out it was Riko in disguise. She remove her disguise and claimed that she want Kinji to activate Hysteria mode as soon as possible. She is also willing to tell her the truth of his brother if he follow her lead.

Aria crashed in and interrupted them. Riko escaped and went to the rooftop. Aria and Kinji confronted her and question her return. Riko claimed she pled to the school and want them to help her get something back from the EU's number 2 man-Vlad of Endless Sin. She will also testify to free Aria's mother in return.

The next day, Riko return back to school. Aria and Kinji had an another argument of Riko trying to seduce Kinji and they butt out each other. Later, Kinji was listening to a lecture by Sayonaki Sensei in the hall. Riko sat beside him and when the lights went out, she laid her head on Kinji's lap. She began to seduce him and when the lights came back, Sayonaki was beside them. Riko bailed out leaving Kinji a hard time explaining to Sayonaki.

After school, Riko and Kinji shared an umbrella in the rain and was confronted by Shirayuki. Riko evaded her attacks and even teased her for having black lingerie. Kinji later brought Shirayuki to the sick bay but no one was around. She used her magic to lock the door and took away Kinji's cellphone.

Shirayuki told Kinji to be careful in the future and she is returning to the shrine for a month. She then proceed to strip to her undies and wanted Kinji. He quickly bailed out by climbing down the window leaving her alone.

The next day, Aria and Kinji went to the meeting place to discuss with Riko. They entered the place and discovered to be a maid cafe with Riko as the host...

Like Lupin, Riko used tears and deception to trick Aria and Kinji. What could it be that Riko wanted them to steal for her? If I am right, Vlad of EU could mean Vlad III the Impaler, the character which Bram Stoker used for his Dracula novel in another words, a Vampire!? By the way, Aria is getting annoying. Every time, Kinji and her had a discussion, it always end up in a fight. Shirayuki and Riko are more sensible though Psycho Shirayuki is creepy while Manipulative Riko is dangerous...

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