Friday, June 10, 2011

Seiyuu Kawakami Tomoko passed away at age 41

I just read this sad news of Seiyuu Kawakami Tomoko passed away yesterday due to ovarian cancer

I first listen to her as Rosette Christopher of Chrono Crusade. At first, I thought her voice was a bit generic but then when she voiced Soi Fong of Bleach, she is bad-ass and cute at certain time. She also did Hinata Fuyuki of Keroro Gusou which is a total male character. Some of you might know her as Utena of Revolutionary Girl Utena which is her most famous role up to date.

She was suffering a few months back and went for treatment which explain her absence in Bleach. (Kuwashima Houko was doing her role as Soi Fong during this period). However she has a relapse and passed away in the hospital on 09/06/11.

RIP, Kawakami Tomoko-1971-2011
Like Rosette, she is now with Chrono together, living in the stars...  

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