Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dog Days Ep 9-It's the Eye of Sauron!?

Leon was informed by her head maid, Rouge, the news of Violet's capture but was unmoved. Meanwhile, Gaul and his troops are advancing Millhore's fortress, planning to conquer it.

Brioche defended the bridge to the fortress when she was confronted by Bernard, the head knight of Galette. However, Rolan arrived and instructed Broiche to assist Millhore. She immediately advance with Yukikaze to the next battlefield.
Rico in Maid clothes is cute!

Meanwhile, Gaul and his men are wrecking the defence line of Biscotti. Rico flew off with Harlan to assist Millhore when she was attacked by Vert and her archers. One of Vert's magic arrows distingrate Rico's clothes leaving only her underwear while a stray arrow shot Vert and did the same thing too.
Fan-Service shot of the Week-Vert in her Lingerie!

Shinku and Eclair also managed to defeat the defence lines of the fortress and charge to the throne room. At the same time, Leon is seeing an another premonition where Millhore was killed wearing a suit of armor while a huge demonic creature appeared in front of her. Brioche and Yukikaze felt a demonic pressure at the fortress and went ahead from her troops.
FSN's Saber 2nd Player Costume?

For a Royal Treasure, Excelide looks like a dagger than anything majestic about it

Shinku and the others arrived at the throne room where Leon challenged to a duel at the top of the castle. When the lift door opened, it was Millhore wearing the same armor in Leon's premonition and demanded Leon the reason of her actions.

Shinku decided to climb up to the top with Eclair following behind. Suddenly the sky was turning dark and a mysterious force level the whole roof carrying Leon and Millhore away to the sky. Then a giant, black orb appeared, opening an eye in the centre...
It's Sauron!?

So the truth is getting real with Leon seeing Millhore's death and the appearance of the demon beast. Broiche and Yukikaze also knew what they are up against-evil beings who can level down kingdom or kill a god. So how are they stop this new enemy? Shinku has better think fast or he and Millhore will die as what Leon has forseen.

P.S. I like this week fan-service of Vert who is cute and sexy in her lingerie!

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