Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 10-Sniper Wolf (Riko's Return Arc)

Kinji and Aria were invited to a room and Riko started to brief on their mission. They are suppose to steal a Rosary which belong to Riko's mother. Aria refused to do it however Riko shed tears saying that her parents are not around any more and she was envy of Aria's mother.

The duo were to train as Bulter and Maid so they can infiltrate Vlad's Mansion where the Rosary is. Aria was given a crash course on maid training and was traumatised after Riko force her to say "Master."

The next day, Riko asked Kinji to meet at the sick bay in fifteen minutes time. As Kinji walked the hallway, he saw Jeanne in the music room. He demanded of her appearance. She explained that she make a deal with the Judge and became a transfer student from France. Jeanne knew about Riko's plan and she further explained that years ago, Riko was taken by Vlad after her parents died. However she was abused and lose her freedom. Vlad's condition was Riko to do a caper that suppress her ancestors so that she can be free from him.

Jeanne also told Kinji that Vlad is immortal and even her ancestors and Lupin the 3rd was unable to defeat him. She claimed that Vlad has four markings on his body and the only way to defeat him is to destroy all four markings at the same time. She draw out a bad picture of Vlad and pass it to Kinji.

Kinji arrived at the sick bay. Suddenly a group of female students are walking in for a health examination. Kinji hide in a locker and realised that Mutou is also in it, peeking at the girls. Kinji saw Aria and Riko too and as they removed their clothes, Kinji's hysteria mode was nearly activated the moment he saw Aria in her lingerie.

Sayonaki Sensei came in and was surrounded by the girls. Kinji swore he saw an evil smile on him and then Riki opened the locker, revealing the boys. Suddenly, a Siberian wolf crashed into the sick bay and attacking them. The wolf flee away and Kinji took Mutou's bike to give chase. Riki joined him as they began chasing the wolf.

They found the wolf is hiding in a construction site and began to find him. Riki found a sniping point while Kinji search for it. The wolf attack Kinji and in the midst, the wolf jump out of the building! Riki fired a shot and only grazing it. Kinji thought she miss the shot on purpose but it was not.

They found the wolf lying on the ground. Riki's shot grazed it's nerves system and temporarily paralysed it. Riki spoke to the wolf and it acknowledge her.

Later, Kinji came back home, facing Aria who demanded an explanation earlier. He blurt out that it was Riko's experiment to see if Aria was the trigger for his Hysteria mode. She was embarrassed and started to fire at him in the dorm...

Riki was calm like Yuki from Haruhi Series and she showed a caring side to the wolf which Kinji realised that she is not emotionless at all. Jeanne's explanation of Vlad make me think if Lupin the 3rd is the same one by Monkey Punch. If that is the case, that means this world is somehow related to Detective Conan as he too met Lupin before. Wow, I wonder if they were even do a cross-over like that? Sayonaki behaving like that is like a give away that he is Vlad and he is immortal like what Jeanne said, Kinji and Aria are really facing a deadly challenge! And again, Aria is pretty much useless compared to Riki...

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