Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 7-Flames of Justice or Madness?

The mysterious NEXT person escaped after killing the pilot and Bunny blamed Tiger for getting in his way. Later, the duo and Flame Emblem were in the trailer resting. Tiger asked the reason for Bunny's rash behaviour.

He replied with anger that a man with the Ouroboros tattoo killed his parents years ago. He suspected that the Ouroboros is a criminal organisation and he will do anything to find his parent's killer.

The next day, Tiger was invited by Flame Emblem and he found out about Bunny's parents' murder. Tiger concluded that the mysterious NEXT person is killing off criminals to silence them about Ouroboros.

After Bunny refused to attend to any call, Blue Rose was stand-in to help Tiger in catching some criminals and later a concert.

While backstage, a kid approached Tiger and asked why he didn't kill those criminals and just bring them to justice. Tiger said it was not for them to decide judgement and got a kick on his knee by the kid.

The CEO of their company, Mr Maverick invited Tiger and Bunny for a relaxation chamber but Bunny kept having nightmares of his parents' death. The duo were scrambled as the police has found
out the location of a criminal organisation.

Tiger told him that it might be Ouroboros and promise he will help him. Before the heroes could raid the hideout, the mysterious NEXT person burnt the hideout and taunt Bunny into getting him. The other heroes tried to save the criminals trapped in the hideout.

Bunny tried to catch him but he was too fast. The person finally announced his name as Lunatic and loathed that their "Justice" is too weak to catch criminals and he will use his own Justice on the criminals.

Bunny has used up his power and unable to stop him. Tiger came in and caught hold of Lunatic but he broke free and flee from the scene. Tiger then got a call from Rock Bison that one of the criminals is still alive and he might have information of Ouroboros.

Later, Bunny checked the criminal in the hospital but he has no tattoo of Ouroboros. Tiger also questioned himself of should heroes killed the criminals and is their "Justice" too weak in the system. A Judge who was with Bunny thank them and offer his assistance any time...

Should people with super powers be the one to past judgement? Lunatic claim that their "Justice" are doing more damage than good which is partially true. After all, being controlled by sponsors and a live camera flying around is not what heroes should do. But the moment, they crossed the line by breaking the law, they are no different to those criminals. So, Lunatic, you are a real Lunatic! And that guy from Ep 5 is a Judge and with a face like that, he is a definitely someone dangerous!

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