Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dog Days Ep 7-A Dog is still a Dog

Go get it, Millhore!
After settling her work in the morning, Millhore went out in the woods with Shinku and they had a game of Frisbee catching by using his Paledion to change form.

Later, they rest under a tree and Millhore explained Paledion and her ring-Excelide are the national symbols of Biscotti and Leon has a pair of similar item named Granveil and Ex-Machina.
The only Fan Service Shot in this Episode.

Later, Leon had a press conference announcing her declaration of war against Biscotti and had a wager for her Granveil and Ex-Machina and Biscotti's Paledion and Excelide. Millhore had a council meeting and realise that if Leon won the war, they could used their items to their pleasure for sixty days.

Shinku was called by Gaul's ladies trio to meet him in private. Gaul does not want to fight against them and he will do his best to find out his sister's true motives. Before Gaul left, Shinku asked the past relationship between Millhore and Leon. He told Shinku to ask Millhore's secretary-Ameritta about it.

Ameritta told Shinku that their past relationship were as close as sisters. But six months later, Leon started to meddle in Biscotti's matters and finally, Leon cut off all relationship with Millhore for no reasons.
It's felt more like a concert than a war declartion...
Millhore went to the people and finally announced that she agreed to have a war with Leon...

Though I like the lighter moments of Shinku playing with Millhore like a real dog (He pat her head like how I do to my dog) and the fan service of Rico, Emilo and Yukikaze. Leon has the heir of a tyrant and through she declare that the war will be entertaining for the people but from last episode ending, Leon want to prevent Millhore's death. But isn't going to war already a higher chance for Millhore and Shinku's death?

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