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Aria the Scarlett Ammo Ep 2 to 5 AKA The Butei Killer Arc

I have been following the first 5 episodes of Aria the Scarlet Ammo/Hidan no Aria and other than Kugimiya Rie's character of Aria which sounds too much like Shana, I was intrigued by the story plot of the mysterious "Butei Killer".

Ep 2: Aria move in to Kinji's place and has a weakness for Momo bun (Just like Shana who like Melon Bun.) She is also much a girl who love cute things like cats and Kinji won her a pair of cats dolls. Kinji's classmate-Riko who is from the Intelligent unit gave info of Aria's personal dossier.

Ep 3: Kinji was late for his bus ride after he adjusted his watch wrongly. But then the bus was hijacked by the Butei Killer claiming that if the bus slow down, the bomb in it will explode. Aria and Kinji rushed to the scene and they were attacked by a remote vehicle armed with Uzi Machine gun.

After some searching, they found the bomb at the undercarriage and Aria was scratched on the forehead by another armed remote vehicle.

Luckily, their comrade-Reki, a S-Rank Sniper arrived and shot down the bomb off the bus. Later, Aria was disappointed over Kinji's performances and they got into a fight...

Ep 4: Kinji has a nightmare about his late brother's death a year ago in a ship liner. Society blamed his brother as a failure as a Butei. He later trailed Aria (which she found out) to a police station and saw Aria's mother who is being charged as the Butei Killer. Her mother told her to give up the case but Aria is determined to clear her mother's name.

Kinji later meet Riko who reveal that the Butei killer might be responsible for his brother's death. The M.O which the killer used are a ship hijacking, a bicycle hijack in ep 1, a bus hijack in ep 3. Kinji deduced that the next target could be an airline hijack and rushed to stop Aria who is leaving to Europe.
He enter the plane but it took off immediately after that. Kinji explained Aria his deductions when suddenly the hijacker announced that he is on the plane and ask Kinji and Aria to meet him at the lounge.

They were surprised to see Riko disguises as a stewardess and declared that she is responsible for everything including Kinkji's brother's death. She called Aria "Olmes" and she is the great granddaughter of Arsene Lupin. Aria and Riko battled out at the last moment, Riko shot her in the chest and point blank range...

Ep 5: Kinji carried Aria away and retreated to a cabin. He applied an adrenaline serum to jump start herheart and she woke up. Arie want to catch Riko but Kinji tried to calm her down. She refused to listen so Kinji has to kiss her so as to calm her and ignite his "Hysteria" mode.

Meanwhile, Kinji's classmate, Mutou and the rest of the class received news of the airline hijacking and tried to help however, communications were jammed. Riko found Kinji and demanded for Aria.

They managed to surprise her but she escaped again. Kinji ordered Aria to control the plane while he
go after Riko. He found her again which Riko want him to join the organisation "E.U".

She refusedto tell him and blow up a hole in the plane as she escaped using her dress as a big parachute. Suddenly,two missiles fire at the plane damaging two engines.

Kinji went to the cockpit which they realised the army is controlling the air waves and were lied about
the airport's lanes were damaged. Mutou managed to break the airwaves and warned Kinji about the
government's cover up of them. Kinji decided to take a gamble-To land the plane on a small island
near their academy under heavy rain conditions.

Finally they landed the plane with the classmates flashing the lights leading to the island. The next day, Aria asked Kinji again to be her parther but he declined. She left in disappointment as she return
to Europe in a private helicopter. Kinji changed his mind at the last moment and want her as a parther.

When they returned home, Kinji asked Aria why did Riko called her "Olmes". She say that the French
couldn't pronounce the letter "H". Aria said that the"H" initial in her name is Holmes and she is the descendant of Sherlock Holmes. Suddenly Shirayuki barged the room and was pissed for Kinji for not replying in her cell phone. She also want to kill Aria for "seducing" Kinji and thus it became chaotic again in their dorm...

Well, the Butei Killer arc has ended and though Riko escaped, Aria was able to clean her mother's
name. It will be a while before Riko returned again and I was surprised they used Lupin and Sherlock
Holmes's name in this show. Both of them are fictional characters and they battled before in the novels. Riko is probably misguided due to her family addressing her as Lupin the Fourth which
probably pressured her to kill Aria so that she can get prove she is better than Aria and to stop people
from calling her the "Fourth". 

Aria just want to clear her mother's name and why didn't anyone notice that the real killer is on the loose? Furthermore, why did the government want to cover the hijacking?Is it related to the so-called "E.U"? Anyway, the next arc will be about Shirayuki and a member of the"E.U" will be introduced soon. See you in the next episode!

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