Friday, May 27, 2011

Shinobi returns in Nintendo 3DS!

Remember during the 80s and early 90s when you got the Sega Mega Drive system or Genesis in the U.S? There were quite a number of early Sega games which were fun like Altered Beast and Rambo 3. But one game stood out and it show how cool and awesome ninjas were again!

I am talking about Super Shinobi! You control Joe Musashi as he slice and throw unlimited shirukens to save his girlfriend from Neo Zeed. He was awesome at that time with a kick-ass music soundtrack and some bizarre villains like a Godzilla look-like, the Terminator, Spiderman and Batman too?!
Anyway, it has a numbers of sequels and spin-off and finally after a long break, the ninja returns!

This time on the Nintendo 3DS and he is back in doing what he do best. Slash, throw Shirukens and using his ninja magic to save the world one more time this September!

Another reason to buy a 3DS! I can't wait!

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