Friday, May 27, 2011

Hidan no Aria Ep 7-Close up! (Durandal Arc Chapter 2)

Kinji had the flu and rest at the dorm. Aria place an energy drink beside his bed and left for school. When Kinji woke up, he mistaken Shirayuki for giving the energy drink however she didn't mention anything but felt disappointed.

The next day, Aria troubled Kinji again and they got into an argument claiming that Durandal might be a real person and Aria is making this up. She rebutted him that it was her intuition that Durandal is real. Kinji demanded for proof which Aria got angry and withdraw her protection for Shirayuki.

Kinji met Shirayuki in the students council room and she explained her fellow members have went to see the fireworks, leaving her alone. Kinji ask why she didn't go. She replied that she is forbidden to go anywhere else beside school and dorm. Kinji was upset to himself that she is still "a bird in a cage."

After school, Kinji decided to bring her to see the fireworks. She bought a new yukata and they went to the beach. However the fireworks ended but Kinji went to buy some sparklers.

Shirayuki then received a mail in her phone. She was stunned for a moment but remain composed. Kinji returned and after playing for a while, she couldn't control her emotions and ask a kiss from him.

But they were interrupted by some kids playing fireworks and thus returned home. The next day, the school is having a festival and Kinji went to help in the ticket booth. He suddenly recieved a mail from Shirayuki saying "Goodbye" Her teacher, Tsuzuri inform that she is missing and asked if she was behaving strangely lately. She claimed that Durandal always send a mail before kidnapping his next victim.

Kinji recalled the night before of Shirayuki received a mail at the beach. He quickly went to find her in the city. Reki who was employed by Aria as a back up informed him that she was last spotted at Warehouse 3. He arrived at the warehouse and realised it is a place for ammunitions and explosives.

Shrirayuki was in her battle gear when a voice claiming to be Durandal spoke to her and want to take her to E.U. Kinji stopped them but lose his footing by a throw projectile. The floor suddenly turn into ice and freeze one of his hands. Shirayuki was about to be taken away when Aria finally show up!

So Durandal is also part of E.U but who is he or rather who is she? The credits claimed Durandal is voiced by Kawasumi Ayako which it is obviously that it is a she. Shirayuki also tried to shoulder everything on herself, not claiming that she was not the one who gave the energy drink, her responsibilities to her shrine and trying to take on Durandal. All because of Kinji. She really do love him and I hope for them to be together rather than Aria who is starting to behave more like Shana already which I am not a fan of either.

If you wondering why this episode is called close up is because, Kinji has a close up with every girl in this episode-Shirayuki, Aria and Tsuzuri. Now we left with Reki the Sniper which I hope they will talk about her in future episodes...

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