Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 9-Three Heroes and A Baby

Dragon Kid AKA Pao Li was advised by her manager to be more feminine and even present a pair of flower hair pin from her parents. Dragon declined the present as she felt her parents didn't care for her.

The heroes were later assembled by Agnes and Tiger was asked by the Mayor to babysit his baby son, Sam who is a telekinetic NEXT. The heroes tried to cheer Sam and only Dragon was able to calm him down.

Tiger and Dragon brought Sam to Bunny's apartment and started baby-sitting. Sam was fond of Bunny's robot toy which he claimed was given by his late parents as a birthday present. After some crazy mess, Tiger accidentally saw Bunny's collected information of the Ouroboros. Later that night after Dragon and Sam went to bed, Tiger ask Bunny of the Ouroboros. He confessed that he remember his parents' killer having the tattoo on his hand but he could not see who he really is.

That morning, a trio of female NEXT kidnappers kidnap Dragon and Sam for ramson. Agnes came to visit the heroes when she received a call from the kidnappers. They mistaken Agnes as the mother and ask for ransom money.

Tiger and Bunny set an ambush for the kidnappers to fall for it but one of them actually spot the trap which led our heroes to chase them. Meanwhile, the leader of the trio mentioned that Sam's flower cap stands for "Healthy" which what his parents will want to be.

The other kidnappers came back and want to escape when suddenly Sam let out a psychic cry which blew out the warehouse.

Dragon broke free and rescue Sam and defeat the trio. Tiger and Bunny arrived to assist when suddenly Bunny became paranoid after seeing the flames around. He flee after that with no explanation.

Tiger and Dragon returned Sam to the Mayor and Tiger noticed Dragon is wearing a flower hairpin. She checked the meaning of the flower which states "Always remembering you." Bunny managed to compose himself at home but still couldn't remember the killer after seeing the flames earlier.

Meanwhile, an unknown naked man was humming to himself while burning a rock with his fingers...

This episode is all about parents caring for their kids. Like how the Mayor care for Sam, Tiger caring for his daughter, Bunny's parents care for him and Dragon's parents who do care for her dearly and she almost shove them away, thinking that she is not loved by them anymore.

This week's villain trio is soft of a joke which they claimed they can "smell" danger, money and lies. No wonder Tiger claimed that not everyone can be a hero with useless power like this. It's soft of a give away that Blue Rose is infatuated by Tiger but she was disappointed when she heard he is married and has a daughter though his wife passed away five years ago.

Anyway, Lunatic will return next week causing more chaos and a focus episode of the giant man of the heroes, Rock Bishop.

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