Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dog Days Ep 8-Isn't that a Raccoon Trick?

After Shinku send a message to Becky, he set off to join the others for the big battle. Millhore gave a encouraging speech for her troops before leaving to join the battle. She told Rico to prepare that "item" for the upcoming battle.

As both armies began to advance to the battleground, the Genoise Trio were discussing that there might be monsters and demons near the battleground however Godwin dismiss as fairy tales and boldly declare that he slash anything that get in his way.

Leon has a flashback several days before her declaration of war. She told her two close advisers-Bernard and Violet about the future death of Millhore and Shinku. Bernard actually suggested to have a war in order to get the sacred swords from Biscott. It might change the future as the items could be the trigger for their deaths. Leon agreed to the matter and thus the declaration of war was announced the next day.

Finally both armies met and square off. Shinku, Eclair and Rico charge the battle field using the shortest route but they were surrounded by Galette troops.

Eclair managed to take down a big numbers of troops and hear from the enemies that they are after Millhore's Excelide.

Violet and her men took upon themselves to steal Excelide at Millhore's camp. They got into the camp and confronted Millhore. However it was Rico in disguise and Rizel, the head maid captured Violet.

Rico fire a signal flare which notified Shinku, Eclair and Millhore who was disguising as Rico. Millhore has already suspected that Leon might have ulterior motives for waiting Excelide and Paledion as a wager. They continue to advance into Leon's camp hoping to find out the truth...

It is a good thing that they skip the tele-matches in the first episode and go straight to good old fashioned fists fight. Though Eclair was confronted by Galette Troops who look like Bandits and Rapists but she can hold on her own and defeated a large numbers with a spear. Shinku, on the other hand wasn't really much help as he even need help from Yukikaze. Come on, Shinku. Show some backbone!

The "Kagemusha" trick or decoy which Rico used was a surprise. When I first saw the two leaves on Rico's hands, I was thinking could it be a magical raccoon's trick? Guess what? I was right! That prove Millhore isn't just a bimbo but a smart queen after all. So let's see what is up next for the next episode through I hope that some demon king will appear to do some damage...

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