Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tiger & Bunny Ep 8-First Rule of being a Hero-Courage!

Lunatic became the talk of the town and people have began to agree on his method of killing criminals. The sponsors of Hero TV had a meeting and they decided to have a campaign to regain the public's trust of heroes.

As the heroes began to do community works, Tiger, Bunny and Origami Cyclone went to the Hero Academy to inspire the NEXT students.

Origami was feeling negative as he was bashed in his blog for being a background character and not doing any heroics. They were later welcome by the Principal Massini who brought them to see the students.

The students were inspired by Tiger and Bunny but not Origami. Later Origami showed Tiger his power which is the ability to shape shift to any person. Tiger was amazed by his power however Origami dislike it and wish that he wasn't a hero.

Tiger later asked Massini of Origami's behaviour. He explained that Origami has a friend named Edward who was supposed to graduate as a Hero however during a robbery, Edward tried to stop the robber but accidentally shot a hostage. He was sent to prison however he recently escaped.

Edward appeared in front of Origami and tried to kill him. Tiger and Bunny arrived and he retreated. Origami blamed himself for ruining Edward's life. Tiger advised him to help Edward so that he won't commit more crimes again.

Origami confronted Edward however Lunatic arrived and tried to kill Edward. Origami shape shift to Edward, trying to fool Lunatic but he saw through and tried to kill them both. Tiger and Bunny arrived to stop him and in the midst, Tiger took a shot from Lunatic's arrow but managed to damage his mask.

Lunatic escaped again and after that, Edward was sent back to prison but he thank Origami for saving his life. Tiger told Bunny that to have a clear mind the next time they confronted Lunatic.

Later, Origami announced that he won't be a background character and to be a real hero. Lunatic was later revealed to be Judge Yuri Petrov and he started to be interested at Tiger from his computer...

It was a give-away that Lunatic is Yuri. He played a double role as both a Judge and a vigilante. I guess he has some tragic past which caused him to be Lunatic. Origami's power is shape shift which is more of a stealth and recon. Maybe he should get some lessons from X-men's Mystique who really know how to use shape shift to the Max. The first rule to be a hero is Courage. Without courage, you are unable to do anything even with power. But I am glad Origami learned his lessons and hope we can see his heroic in future episodes. Next, the heroes go baby sitting with a NEXT baby and a focus on Dragon Kid.

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