Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dai-2-Ji Super Robots Wars OG coming to PS3!

As fans wonder what was that teaser trailer at the end of OG2: The Inspectors, it was confirm that we are getting a SRW game on PS3!

Yeah! Furthermore it is based on the Original Generations characters which are my favourite!
We have 2 new main character for a Real Robot and a Super Robot. The female lead is voiced by Kobayashi Yumiko (She did the voice for Ryoto. Not a personal favourite for me) and the male lead is voiced by Nakamura Yuichi who did Alto of Macross Frontier.

The graphics look more 2D with a 3D background but it is HD resolution which is a good thing.
I could see Kusuha, Ibis, Kyosuke in his Alt Eisen. No release date has been announced. But I got a feeling will be during Fall 2011. Furthermore, the special edition will include a blu-ray set of the first anime season if you pre order it. I can't wait for it!

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