Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fate Zero: The Prequel to Fate Stay Night (Coming this October 2011)

I got this trailer from a chinese website and yes, we are getting another FSN series! This time is the 3rd Holy Grail War which is the previous battles before the FSN story. The main lead is now Shiro's adopted father-Soichiro and Saber who is now spotted wearing a black suit like a SP.

IIya and her mother are there and the new servants are new mystical characters through Gligamesh is there. Coming soon this October and if you don't know how this is going to end, go and watch FSN and know the results!
Soichiro hugging Iiya in the snow

I think Iiya looked innocent here

Iiya's mother

You can't keep Gligamesh down!

A young Rin

No matter what she wear, Saber still look good!

The title credits

Of course, we have to end the trailer with Saber in her armor!

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