Friday, April 1, 2011

Gokaiger/Goseiger: Super Sentai 199 Heroes Great Battle

Most of you have seen the teaser trailer at the last few episodes of Gokaiger. Yes, the Gokaiger and Goseiger will be this year's Super Sentai Verses and together with the past 33 Super Sentai Teams, get ready for the biggest toku movie this year!

The story is not known yet but it is believed that the revived Black Cross Leader from Goranger is the main villian. Of course, we have some guest sentai alumni to help our heroes.

Ryo aka Ryuranger from Dairanger

Umeko aka Deka Pink from Dekaranger

Oume aka Denji Blue from Denjiman

Genta aka Shiken Gold, Chiaki aka Shinken Green, Akashi aka Bouken Red and Saki aka Go-on Yellow


FOREVER RED THE 2011 VERSION (Why Kabuto Raijer is there?)
So will this movie suppress all the team-up done in the past? It will be out this Summer!

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