Friday, April 1, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 12 Final-Who's that Girl?

Didn't I see this in Evangelion?
The girls began to battle Gospel but it was an uphill battle for them. Meanwhile, Ichika had a dream and saw a girl with a white straw hat and the White Knight.

Finally Houki took down Gospel's left wing and it fell into the ocean. But it came back again and activated it's second shift.

The White Knight asked Ichika does he desire power. He replied that he want to use it to protect his comrades and the white straw hat girl told him to go and protect his comrades.

Houki was knocked out and when she regained consciousness, Ichika has arrived and his Byakushi is in his second shift-Setsura. Ichika gave Houki her birthday present, a hair ribbon. He then took off to battle Gospel with the others.

It's over 9000!
Houki's Akatsubaki was glowing and the command "Genran Butou" appeared in her IS. It restored her IS to full power and she joined the fight.

Ichika's IS was losing energy however Houki recharged his IS to full power again. Now with everyone battling the Gospel, it was outmatched and finally Ichika deal the final blow to it.

Laura is using fork and knife to eat Japanese food?
They reported back to Chifuyu who reprimanded them for disobeying orders. However she told them a job well done and given them a day to rest. Cecilla, Charottle, Rin and Laura were having dinner together and realised that Houki and Ichika are missing.

Chifuyu confronted Tabane and Chifuyu began to state some issues with her. She claimed that a certain genius (Tabane) tricked Ichika into activating the IS during his High School Exam and the White Knight is Tabane's first IS created. Furthermore, this certain genius also hacked the military computers worldwide to show off to the world of Houki's IS. Tabane then asked if she like the current world, she replied with a yes and Tabane left.

I think you are a "C" or C Plus"
Ichika was at the beach and saw Houki behind him. She blamed herself for getting Ichika hurt and he punished her by giving her a knock on the forehead. She was angry and in the midst place Ichika's hand on her breasts. Houki then asked him if he treat her as a girl.

The life of a Harem Anime Male Lead..
He say yes and they were about to kiss when Cecilla and the others arrived. They were pissed off and chased Ichika and Houki in the beach....

Final Impressions: When I first watch IS, i thought it will be a harem show with no storyline but it was good with mysterious enemies and a cast of international characters. Ichika has backbone through he is totally dense on his female leads. Houki was the stubborn girl, Cecilla is a likable Mashiro from Mai Otome, Rin was funny with her "Kill him" face, Charottle was the sensible one while Laura is the tough girl who get embarrassed easily over love. Chifuyu and Tabane were great in their chemistry and it is obvious that Tabane is really an enigma for her reasons to go to such great lengths for her creations.

Overall, a good show but with many questions unanswered and furthermore, the identify of the girl in Ichika's dream. No news on a second season yet but I hope we get to see more of their adventures again!


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