Monday, April 4, 2011


The people on earth watch as the strange energy cover the skies. Gilliam escaped and is holding the System XN.

He planned to have the Einst to be teleport elsewhere but somehow it backfired and now they have all arrived and is assimilating the White Star.

Our heroes began to fight back. SRX used the Buster Cannon but it only damaged that much to Stern Regisseur’s shield. Sangar and Elzam took over and became Jin Man I-Tai and destroyed Stern Regisseur.

Suddenly another figure emerged from it and it was Einst Beowulf! Axel was shocked as he remembered killing it before coming to this world.

The pilot is the Shadow Mirror Kyosuke and now he will destroy the earth and rebuild a new one for himself. He summoned Shadow Mirror version of our heroes to battle them while he flee to Earth.

Refina suspected that Einst Beowulf is unable to teleport and immediately ordered Gilliam to bring a squad to teleport outside Earth's Atmosphere by using the System XN.

The plan work and the ATX team together with Granzon and Soulgain confronted Einst Beowulf which have evolved to his final form. The other heroes battled hard and defeated all the doppelgangers.

Axel managed to damage it's core but Soulgain suffered damages and was knocked out into space. Kyosuke continued to do more damage but ran out of ammo.

Beowulf tried to kill him but Alfimi pushed him away and was killed. Kyosuke ram his way through and finally deal the final blow to Beowulf, ending it. The strange energy surrounding the Earth disappeared and Excellen saved a badly damaged but alive Kyosuke and Alt Eisen...

Days later after the war, Latooni and Shine visited their own friends-Giado and Garrent.

Arado and Seolla were having their couples' tiff.

Rai and Leona visited their Sister-in Law's grave and found that Elzam was here earlier.

The Ryu Koh Oh went to slumbers as Bullet and Kusuha look on.

Gilliam destroyed the System XN.

Masaki bid farewell to Ryusei and the others.

Laima look on into the sunset, doubting about her future.

Kyosuke and Excellen share a moment together and hint that he will kill her if she turn into a Einst. She laughed and they kissed in the sunset...

Wow! This is how final battles should be. Just non-stop super robots action all the way! Divine Wars was all right but the 2nd season has really pass the limit of how the game should be. Through there is some loop holes here and there and characters development is not so detailed like the game but it is all right with me.

Through I wonder what happened to Axel? If I am correct, he and Alfimi ended up in Exceed Frontier Storyline. The starting of the episode also show several SRW protaingists-The Grey Wolves from SRW MX, Touma from Alpha 3 and Kouta and his Sister from OG Gaiden plus an incomplete Compatiable Kaiser! So are we expecting more SRW in the future? Only time will tell...

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