Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Impressions: Ao no Exorcist, The World God only Knows II, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Dog Days, Tiger & Bunny, X-Men Ep 3

All you need is a blue spanders with the number Four on it!

Ao no Exorcist: The opening scene is something of the Exorcist. Priests' eyes bleeding and burning in blue flame. The only thing missing is a crazed possessed girl who can climb on walls and walk backwards. Okumaru Rin the male lead seem to get into trouble, from punching some punks who torture some pigeons to nearly bringing the supermarket into a disaster zone. Of course, his problems got worse when he saw strange black creatures and a monkey face goblin running around the city without no one else noticing.

Rin was nearly killed by the same punks when he burst out in blue flame and a possessed punk claimed he is the son of the Satan. Even his guardian, Father Fujimoto said he is the Devil's bastard son in a cool tone. Overall, it is a good start and guess what? No Main Female leads in the whole episode!

This scene is really Illegal!
The World God Only Knows II Ep 1 & 2: Yes, Kaima and Elsie returns and their first target in this season, a beautiful martial arts expert named Kasuga who has a weakness of cuteness that it spawn a doppelganger. Of course, you know the drill if you watch the first season, Kaima meet girl, girl ignore him, he used all sort of methods to get her attention and when she is at the weakest, bang! The First Base!

But it was fun to watch Elsie supporting Kaima and at the end of the 2nd episode credits, Haqua, the new demon girl make her appearance! I want to see that chapter where Haqua came to visit Kaima's house and play the Battleship game which Kaima win her completely!

This is how you ask a class to STFU!
Aria the Scarlet Ammo: The combo duo of Kugimiya Rie and Majima Junji returns after Toradora, playing an odd couple again. Kugimiya voiced Kanazaki H.Aria, a bad ass teen detective who used dual pistols and twin katanas while Majima voiced Tooyama Kinji, a teen detective who go into "Hysteria Mode" each time his horomes hit boiling point, literately becoming a suave super detective with superhuman abilities.

It was fun seeing Kinji getting all cool like the male lead of DNA but Aria is just Kugimiya doing what she usually do-an annoying loli who flare at anything disrespect to her. A good chance that I might review the next episode provide Aria don't get into my nerves.

I got aroused over wires and screws!
Dog Days Ep 3: It was a bit blend in the first 15 minutes with Eclair explaining the history of the war between the cats and dogs until Leon's brother kidnapped Millhiore at the end and even broadcast to the kingdom a challenge to Shinku. Though I like the scene when Ricotta got so excited over Shinku's cellphone and tried to dismantle it.

Furthermore, the battles was treated like some festival for the people like G Gundam's Gundam Fight which I am sure in the future some factions is going to break the war treaty and someone is going to get killed.

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!
Tiger & Bunny Ep 3: Tiger has to play guide for Barnaby for the camera crew the whole day and when they face a bomb situation in the newly built tower, Tiger and Barnaby are really good at what they do. Tiger knew where the bomb is by using good old fashioned observation skills and Barnaby a cool cucumber, evacuating the people and trying to disarm the bomb. Though the way they got off the bomb was ridiculous however they respect each other. Hopefully we get to see some Super Villains and is that piano girl, Pepsi Girl?

Nice pair of Melons!
X-Men Ep 3: One word to describe this Episode. Emma Frost's Big Melons! Despite the X-Men unable to trust as she was part of the Inner Circle who are responsible for Jean's death. But I like how Cyclops go full power against one of the U-Men with help from Beast. Hisako's mutant powers was cool through it nearly kill everyone. However Emma and Cyclops saved her and I am happy that they are going back to America. If they can kill off that U-Men who seemingly still alive...

It is the third week for the new season and there are a lot of new shows which I like it. I am starting a poll for which anime you want me to blog. The top two shows will be reviewed on a regular basic. Hope you can support me and see your favourite shows being reviewed.

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