Monday, April 25, 2011

Dog Days Ep 4-It's not bad to get kidnapped in this place!

After Shinku accepted Gaul's War challenge to rescue Millhore, he came across Eclair who kick him in the face! She reprimanded him for accepting the challenge without consulting them. Without any army support, it will be a hard battle to rescue Millhore.

Shinku, Eclair and Ricotte went ahead to Gaul's castle where Ricotte provided cover for both of them. Millhore was treated well and even went to play with Leonmichelis's pet lions.

Shinku and Elcair were surrounded by Godwin and his men when the head of Biscotte Ninja Corps, Brioche and her right hand girl, Yukikaze arrived to aid them.

Shinku and Eclair split up which he was confronted by Gaul while Eclair battled Gaul's trio of female warriors...

For a girl who is kidnapped, Millhore was treated very well. With a nice room and maids to serve her, it is kinda of hard to take this battle seriously if Shinku arrived to save her. Brioche was voiced by Hisaka Yoko while Gaul's rabbit girl, Vert is voiced by Kotobuki Minako. So with Taketasu Ayana's Eclair, we have already three K-On girls in this series. While Vert and Eclair sounded like how their K-On characters be, Hisaka Yoko spoke with a more carefree tone as Brioche with ending every sentence with "Go-Saru" (Something similar to Negima's Kaede)

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