Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiger and Bunny Ep 4- Seriously? A guy with a pig mask?

Tiger and Bunny were chasing an armoured truck when they knocked it off course. Pepsi Girl Blue Rose tried to stop the hijacker who wore a pig mask however he fire back with a machine gun which caught her off guard. She lose her balance but was rescued by Bunny. Dragon Girl defeated the hijacker after that.

Blue Rose was reprimanded by Tiger for being unable to defend herself. But she ignored him and return back to school. Blue Rose want to join her friends for an outing but has to report back to her manager. Her manager want her to do better but what she really want to do is to sing and not catching criminals.

Flame Bird looks like Dennis Rodman (Hmm)
The other heroes spoke to her in the training room but she ignored their advices. Later, Tiger found her working in the bar as a singer. Tiger told her that a hero shouldn't work for the sake of fame but to help people in need. Blue Rose had doubts about herself which she planned to give up being a hero.

She went to perform in the bar as the other heroes went to rescue a worker in a oil refinery. Blue Rose watch the broadcast and was annoyed by a drunk who bet the heroes are unable to rescue the worker. She was angry and slam back at the drunk.

The heroes found the worker when a fallen crane gave way. However Blue Rose freeze the crane and saved them. They thank her but Tiger leak out that he and Bunny had a bet that she will come which pissed her off...

An episode about Blue Rose! I believe she really want to be a singer however her sponsors exploit her and turn her to be a heroine. The other heroes are mostly sincere in saving people but her reason is more complicated. She is lucky that Tiger and the others treat her as one of them and not a display flower.
Sunrise is getting better with this show and I hope to see more episodes of the other heroes and from the next preview, the heroes planned a surprise birthday for Bunny and a potential villian?  

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