Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Too many Rangers!!!! (A good way to have a lot of merchandise!)

We have more news with regards of who the Gokaiger will be able to transform to! If you know your super sentai history, the primary colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink. The remaining colors are Black, White, Purple, Gold and Silver (I think that's all of them.)

So who are the rangers they were able to transform to? Here you go!

Thank god they didn't put Kaoru of ShinkenRed!

Gokai Green has funny poses for his Black and Green Rangers, Gokai Pink can become Geki Chopper, Geki Violet and Go-On Black and KawagaRaiger!?

Gokai Blue become Hurricane Blue!? (No, my Nanami!!) Gokai Yellow look funny as Kiranger and those yellow Power Rangers who are originally male now have a skirt eg: Tiger Ranger and Go-Yellow.
The villains-Universal Empire Zangack
The cast is also known.
Gokai Red-Captain Marvelous
Gokai Blue-Joe Gibken
Gokai Yellow-Luca Millefi
Gokai Green-Don Dockoiyer
Gokai Pink-Ami de Famille

According to the profiles-Marvelous is hot blooded and always rush into the battles, Joe is the calm one and always train daily, Luca is the tomboy but with some feminine touch, Don is the inventor and joker of the team and Ami is the naive rich girl.

One thing is for sure, if you are a hardcore sentai fan, how many rangers keys you have to collect? Don't forget, the Sixth and Seventh rangers are not included here. Probably it will be the Sixth Gokaiger who will posses Dragonranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver and all the remaining rangers.

Gokaiger will premier on 13 Feb 2011! Watch for it!

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