Monday, January 24, 2011

SRW OG S2 Ep 16-Gattai! (Combine!)

Mai has a nightmare about her alter ego-Levi and she began to doubt herself. The SRX team were having a discussion about Mai's alter ego and if she remember herself, she will become a liability. Mai overheard it and she was very scared and ran away. Ryusei and Aya ran after her together with Arado, Latooni and Shine.

Mai unknowing board the R-Gun Powered and took off. Ryusei and the others follow her behind. Mai end up facing the Neo DC lead by Dr Setme and Ouka. Dr Setme was surprised to find Mai and Aya together and told them the truth. Mai and Aya are not siblings and were test subjects years ago by their father and Dr Setme. Furthermore all their memories were fake which led both of them in shocked.

Ryusei and the others protected them and together with Rai and Viletta held the Neo DC at bay. Rai and Ryusei talk sense to the two sisters and regained confidence. They immediately combined to SRX (Super Robot X-Type) and take on Dr Setme's Sol Gravillion.

However Sol Gravillion has self-repair abilites which make it difficult for SRX to damage it. Mai immediately join up and transform R-Gun powered into the Hyper Tronium Buster for SRX. They fire the cannon and destroy Sol Gravillion however Dr Setme escaped and retreated with Ouka.

The Hagane arrived and Viletta had a sense of hope as this is what Ingram has hope for the SRX team to achieve-Hope for the Future.

Another good episode as we get away from Kyosuke and the SRX team show us how powerful they can be with a giant robot and a bad ass cannon! The only bad thing Dr Setme is one creepy old lady and hopefully Arado and Latooni can take her down and save Seolla and Ouka.

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