Saturday, January 22, 2011

Infinite Stratos Ep 3-Why have Two when you can have Three?

The class assembled for an IS lesson. Chifuyu instructed Ichika and Cecilla to use their IS and began some basic moves. The two summoned their IS and flow to the sky. Ichika still have problems controlling and Cecilla asked if he need coaching on it. Chifuyu instructed them to do an immediate dive and halt. Ichika couldn't control it and crash head first into the ground.

Houki and Cecilla immediately rushed to Ichika with concern and both of them tried to get into Ichika's good books. Later the class had a celebration in the mess hall as they congrats Ichika in becoming class representative. Cecilla step down the post as she felt Ichika is the better pilot. The school photographer want to get a photo of Ichika and Cecilla but everyone got into the picture.

The next day, the class heard that Class 1-B had a new transfer student to represent their class. The transfer student introduce herself as Fan Rinin and Ichika was surprised to see her. During break, the two of them began to talk and even sat together for lunch. Houki and Cecilla demanded Ichika the relationship between them and he answered that Rinin was a childhood friend after Houki transfered school.

After school, Ichika was trained by Houki and Cecilla and they gave him a good work-out. The two girls left him to rest and when Ichika was in the lockers, Rinin came in. Ichika told Rinin that he is staying with Houki and she freaked out!
Rinin packed her bag and insisted in staying with Ichika. Houki, annoyed by her tried to chase her off with
her Kendo but Rinin activated a partial of her IS to protect her. Rinin then asked Ichika if he remembered the promise he made with her years ago. Ichika thought if Rinin make good food, she will treat him sweet and sour pork. Rinin was upset and had a wager with him. If she win, Ichika have to obey him and if he win, he want to know why Rinin is upset.

The day for their match began. Rinin's IS is called Shenlong and it is a melee type IS. Ichika face her and they began their battle...

Rinin is cute and the reactions from the other two girls were amusing. So will Ichika win the battle and find out what is the promise that he made with Rinin years ago? Your guess is good as mine!

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