Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Sentai 35 years Anniversary-Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Next year will be the Super Sentai's 35 years Birthday! To kick it off, the next team will be called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger or Pirate Task Force Gokaiger. As you can see from the promo poster, it showed all the Red Rangers of  the previous series.

From the rumour being speculated in the Internet, the Gokaiger are a pirates-like crew who has a ship to travel through other dimensions and meet up with previous sentai teams. Furthermore, the Gokaiger has the power to copy their predecessors power and used it. (Isn't that from Kamen Rider Decade?)

Anyway, I love the old school Sentai shows as a kid (No, we are not talking about Power Rangers!) Ever though I didn't get to watch all of them until the advent of the Internet and DVD movies, I love to see these shows (Although Ultraman and Kamen Rider is my first love)

Some people might comment that it is for kids and the last few Sentai were somehow campy in some ways. But It always has that good feeling where you can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys unlike Kamen Rider where it get so complicated that you will be scratching your head at the final episode.

So with the Gokaiger meeting up their predecessors, what do we expect? For me, a more updated style for the Showa Sentai Series namly-Jakq Denki Tai, Denjiman, Goggle Five and Changeman. (Those were my favourites from the 70 and 80s.)

Meeting the Jetman, Gogo Five, Tubroranger and Kakuranger will be interesting as it will be fun to see what they are up to now. (My favourites from the 90s)

Hopefully they can get back the cast of Bokurangers, Shinkenger and Dekarangers. (My favourites from the 00s) I have yet to watch Goseiger so I can't put my views yet.

No promo videos yet so will keep my views till it come. Until then, See you!

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