Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suite Precure-Can Music save the World?!

In another 2 more months, we will be getting the next spin-off of the Precure franchise. Titled Suite Precure, it will go back to the more mature style for the characters rather than the Doremi Style used by the current of Precure series-Heartcatch Precure.

Our new Precures-Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm
 The show will emphasise on Music to save the world with the three themes-Friendship, Hard Work and Victory! (Isn't that Shouen Jump's motto?) With music as their weapons, expect some songs to be perform like Mermaid Melody.

Their Alter-Ego-Hojo Hibiki and Nishino Minami Kanade
There is no promo video yet but they are already set to appear in the next Precure All Stars DX3 movie next March.

If I wonder who will be the seiyus to perform them? I hope it will be Tomatsu Haruka of To-Love Ru's Lala or Itou Kanade of The World God Only Knows's El to play Hibiki and Minako Kotobuki of K-On's Mugi to play Kanade.

Suite Precure will premier on Early February! More details if it comes!

Updated on 26/12/10 : The voice actors has been announced! Hibiki will be voiced by Koshimizu Ami (Kallen from Code Geass) and Kanade (Rukia from Bleach) is voiced by Orikasa Fumiko and their mascot, Hummy is voiced by Mitsuishi Kotono (Usagi from Sailormoon)

Official Website: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/suite_precure/

Debuts on 6/2/10! Hope you enjoy it!

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