Monday, December 20, 2010

SRW OG S2 Ep 12-Thus an Angel fall...(In this case, blow up!)

Five hours before the coup, Graien Grassman was negotiating with Neo DC's leader-Van Vat Tran. Van agreed to help Graien if the Coup is sucessful. Now, Arado and Latooni are trying to make Seolla remember who she is but she called Arado a tratior and Latooni a hostage for EFA.

Seolla lure them away which Ouka captured Latooni. Shine tried to save her however Ouka activated the GEIM system-the same tech which former DC leader-Bian Zoldark used on his mech.

Lamia and Axel were faking their fight and Axel commanded her to begin her real "mission". Lamia immediately held her sword at the bridge of Hagane ordering everyone to stand down.

Kenneth appeared and told them the EFA is under control of Graien and the president of EFA is held hostage. Lamia accidentally told our heroes that she belong to a group called "Shadow Mirror".

Weiss Saver and Zweizergain

Suddenly a worm hole appeared and Vindel Mauser and Lemon Browning appeared. Vindel called Kyosuke a Captain which Kyosuke was puzzled (he is only a Lieutenant) while Lemon was smiling herself when she saw Excellen.
The only time you get to see Seolla's underwear!

Arado managed crack to a joke of Seolla's breasts which she replied spontaneously. Arado realised that her brainwash was not complete and try to talk more sense to her.

Suddenly three machines appeared-The Machinery Children. A triplets of pilots created from the boasted children of SCHOOL. They grabbed Seolla and Ouka who loss conscious after using the GEIM system.

Vindel told them his plan of uniting the world by having an endless cycle of wars and conflicts. Captain Daitetsu replied that wars might united the people together however those who will never understand the pain and loss of it and only care of the results has no right to talk about war.

Activate "Ash to Ash"!

Lamia reawaken by Daitetsu's words realized that they should never come to this world in the first place. She immediately grabbed hold of Zweizergain and self-destruct together. However Vindel survived and retreated immediately. Lemon saw a core in the ocean and took it away. Axel provided cover and confronted Kyosuke again...

Wow! More twists and turns! I know Lamia will go against her master but to self-destruct was really too much! The three machinery children-Thurisaz, Uruz and Ansuz who are voiced by Ishida Akira was great. Playing three different personalities on the same scene, Thurisaz is the angry kid, Uruz is the calm kid and Ansuz is the sadistic kid. It was also interesting to see Lemon talking to Excellen (who is her alter dimension version) ever through it has been done on the original game.

What will happen to our heroes now? Can they escape and what is their plan now?

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