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SRW OG S2 Ep 9 to Ep 11

Hi, I am back! After getting a new desktop and super fast internet connection, I am back in business! So without further ado, let start our review of SRW OG S2 Ep 9 to 11!

Now the aliens attacked the Tesla Institute as Kusuha and Tsugumi were transporting the new units to Hiryu Kai. The general of the aliens, Vigaji open a channel and told them they are the Inspectors and they want the Institute to surrender their new units. Ibis and Sleigh took off and take on Vigaji however Ibis was shot down leaving Sleigh alone.

Trombe-The best BGM in SRW!

Yes, that is Ratsel's name in German.
Suddenly Ratsel AKA Elzam and his Trombe appeared and hold off Vigaji enough for the transport to flee.

I always thought that Agiha was a guy...
The transports were intercepted by another Inspector-Agiha and her Sliverwind which Ratsel and Sleigh took on her.

When a mecha has a blazing phoenix as his weapon, you run for the hills!
Masaki and his Cybuster also arrived to lend a hand which Ibis piloted the new Astelion and drove Aigha away. They met up with Hiryu Kai and later the Hagane which now has a mission at hand-to take back Rikset from DC armies.

Before the battle, Latooni and Shine went to meet Arado in his holding cell and convenice him that the DC are evil. Soon the battle began with Kai and the Octopus Squad as a diversion while ATX and SRX head for Archilbald's main ship.

Yu and Karla have their suspicous of Archilbald of moving all the town people into shelter with the summit hostages. Yu gave secret instructions to Karla on finding the hostages as he sortie out.

If all 3 SRX members are here, it will be an easy job...

Rai and Laima took down Archilbald's ship and it revealed a giant mecha-Gravlion which Archilbald piloting it. He threated Kyosuke and the others of blowing up the hostages with timer bombs which Archibald set one of it off. However the bombs didn't go off as Karla and Gillam has defused the bombs and save the hostages.

Didn't I see this in Gatchaman OP?

Latooni and Shine appeared with their Fairlion and together with the rest took down Gravlion. But Archibald escaped again. The town people thank Shine and her friends for saving them...

Sometime later, Arado was approached by Dr Radom to pilot Kyosuke's Altesin in a simulator and was amazed by his piloting skills.

Meanwhile, Brian Midcrid of the EFA, Graien Grassman and Mitsuko of Isugri Industries were discussing of the possibility of DC and EFA as allies against the Inspectors but Graien and Mitsuko has a hidden agenda for it which they discussed with Kenneth Garrent of EFA alone. Graien's right hand man, Nivhal was sending information to the leader of the Inspectors-Wendolo.

How do you stop a cyborg? Kusuha's Health Drink!

Kusuha make her special health drink which everyone avoid it. Lamia drank it so as not blow her cover but she couldn't take it and was send to the sick bay. Back in Japan, Aya's long lost sister Mai was having nightmare of her alter ego-Levi Torah and her unit, Judecca.

At this time, Axel with his new unit-Ash Saver and Seolla began to attack the EFA base where Hagane is stationed. Dr Radom convenice Captain Daitetsu to send Arado in the Wild Wuger. Arado piloted hoping that he can save a brainwashed Seolla.

Back in the base, Kenneth began a coup and telling the EFA is now under the control of Graien Grassman...

This is getting exciting as our heroes are forced to become outlaws to save the planet and with Neo DC, Inspectors, Shadow Mirror and the mysterious plants aliens all trying to conquer the Earth, it is going to be one hell of a ride for our heroes.

Those who play the game will also know that a certain character will die to save our heroes and hopefully we will get to see Sangar and his Daizanger!

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