Friday, November 26, 2010

SRW OG S2 Ep 4 to Ep 8

I am going very fast for these episodes so here are all the main points so far... Latooni and Seolla meet again the battlefield and in trying to convince Seolla that the DC army is evil, Latooni fire a shot and Arado took the hit for Seolla. Seolla, anger by Latooni swore revenge for Arado.

Play "Time to Come"!
At the same moment, a mysterious mecha appeared welding a giant broadsword try to destroy the Shirogane. Kyosuke immediately block his attack and could sense the pilot could be Sanger Zobolt, their former commander. The pilot of these mysterious mecha continued to attack Kyosuke and Irma with his Grungust arrived and managed to chase off the mysterious mecha. Shirogane was ordered to return to the base and Hagane will pursue the DC army. The ATX joined up with the SRX team and later had a meeting together. The discussion include Latooni's previous attachment-"School" and apparently Arado is alive and is in medical care by the Hagane. At the Tesla institute, Kushua and her Grungust having a mock battle with Ibis Douglas and Siegh Presty in their Carlion. Meanwhile, the new commander of the reborn Neo DC, Van Vat Tran rally his troops and prepare to fight the UN government.

I wish I could use Ouka in the game...her theme song is nice!

A few days later, Neo DC attacked the Hagane and Arado hijacked a PT trooper which Latooni got dragged with him. The team saw a new unit-Rapiecage and it's pilot-Ouka Nagisa. Ouka spoke to Arado and Latooni to join DC but they refused and Ouka went into a trance and started shooting at them. Kyosuke arrived in time and destroy her rifle.

At the same time, Lamia "transmit" information to Echinda and instructed to continue spying the Hagane. After Kyosuke chased off Ouka, Axel and Soulgain arrived through a Jump portal and immediately attacked Kyosuke. But Soulgain is damaged during the escape from the shadow mirror. Echinda took Axel away and retreated.

As the Hagane began repair at their base, Rai, Latooni, Kyosuke and Excellen were assigned to protect their friend-Princess Shine at the country of Riksent. That night, Archibald and his robots troops attacked the castle and were trying to kidnap Shine.

This is not Giant Robot!
Rai heard Archibald's name and confronted him. Rai swore to kill him as he was responsible for the death of his sister-in-law in the Elips incident. But Rai has to protect Shine and Latooni as they escape from their captors. Suddenly Gilliam and his Genspenst arrived and managed to save them.

Excellen look great in anything while piloting!

Kyosuke also used a special attack from his temporary unit-Genspenst MK II Type S. The Ultimate Genspenst Kick is really Hot-Blooded!

Suddenly, Earth's Millitary bases were attacked by mysterious Aliens and the Hagane is still unable to move. At the same time in the Mao industries on the Moon, the same aliens led by Mekiboss and his Graterkin demanded Huckebein MK III to be hand over.

Play "Flabber Girl"!
Ryoto and Radha took off in a transport shuttle with the Huckebein while Rio pilot the AM Gunner act as a diversion. Ryunne with her Valsione R take on Graterkin but failed to even scratch him.

So this is how Banpresto solve the face of Huckebein...

The transport shuttle was shot down and Ryoto piloted Huckebein MK III with the Boxer Parts. Ryoto took down some grunts and together with Rio used the combined power of AM Gunner to damage Graterkin.

Hiryu Kai Captain's Lefina is Cute and Sexy!

People who close their eyes and talk are real BIG Trouble!
They retreated further when the Hiryu Kai crew of Katina, Russel, Tasuku with his Giganscudo Duro and Leona in her Siegerlion arrived to pick Ryoto and the others. However Rio's father and Ring Mao were left behind in the moon base surrounded by the Aliens. Now the world is attacked by the invaders with their generals taking orders from a youth. Their next target is Tesla Institute...

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