Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dragonball Z: The Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

In the earlier 90s, Famicom or NES released their last Dragonball Z game on the system titled: The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. It was a interesting card-based RPG game and it had 2 OVA episodes to go with the game.

So now in Dragonball Z: Raging Blast 2 for the major consoles today, we have a 30 minutes reboot of the original OVA but this time our heroes are already in Super Saiyan Form battling an updated version of Dr Lycee and his creation-Hachihyack.

So our story started years ago when the Saiyans invade a planet and it's habitats-the Tsufrians. They were killed by the "Gorilla Saiyans" and one sole Tsufiran-Dr Lycee created a machine that can infuse the wrath of the dead killed by the Saiyans. However Dr Lycee was killed and his spaceship was blasted off together with the "Vengeance" machine...

So now in present day, a mysterious cloud surrounded the Earth and small pods fell all over the world. They contained machines that produce a poisonous gas called Destron Gas. Goku, Gohan and Piccolo arrived at Capsule Corp and meet up with Vegeta, Trunks and Bulma. Vegeta explained the history of the Tsufrians and Bulma told them they have 70 days before the Earth will be wiped out by the gas.

Our heroes rushed to the nearest machine and tried to take it out. However it has an energy shield and suddenly, four figures appeared them. Freeza, Coola, Slug and Tullece-All who have been defeated by Goku years ago.

Goku and his friends take them on but Freeza and the others kept reviving themselves due to the gas's strange effect. Our heroes felt tired after emitting too much Destron Gas and were almost killed by Freeza. When Suddenly Bulma showed up with a vaccine to counter act the gas. She released the vaccine and the Destron gas machine was shorted out. Our heroes fought back and finally defeated Freeza and company.

After that, Goku asked Kai-Oh for assistance and they proceed to the source of the problem. The dark cloud surrounding the Earth. Dr Lycee was waiting for them and our heroes battled him. Dr Lycee was quickly defeated but his hatred for the Saiyan was absorbed by the "Vengeance"machine.

The machine started to change shape and became a humanoid named Hachihyack. He quickly took down Vegeta and Piccolo. The other three Saiyans take on Hachihyack but he was too fast. Then Goku saw a weak point-Hachihyack's defense is weakened the moment he fire his Revenge cannon and it will take 15 seconds to fire it.

Goku called everyone to aid and immediately everyone used their most powerful skill on Hachihyack. The combined powers took out Hachihyack and the fortress is coming down.

Goku used his teleportation to bring everyone back to Capsule Corp. The world was saved again except that Goku and Gohan has a hard time explaining to Chi Chi about their battle torn clothes...

I watch the original OVA years ago and there were more details like how Goku battled some of Dr Lycee's monstrous creation and the rest of our heroes were in different lands taking out the machines. Hachihyack never talk in the original OVA but this one he did. The battle with Dr Lycee was much longer with Goku and his friends went from normal to Super Saiyan Form and the BGM was awesome for that part.
Overall, a more updated Dragonball Story using today's art work but kinda of short for it...

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  1. your worng hatchyack did tlak in the 1994 playdia vison he did you post on that vions it much like the 93 ison but all fighters are longer and it his more then one ending