Friday, October 15, 2010

SRW OG S2 Ep 2-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Continue where it was left off, Angelg descended from the sky and the DC forces retreated. Angelg arrived in the hanger of Shirogane which the ATX team approached it's enigma pilot Lamia Loveless.

Lamia was sent to assist the ATX team and during her introduction, she could not control her command of speech for no reason.

Excellen was happy to have a new member and ask Lamia to call her Elder Sister which she complied. Lamia was particular of Excellen who looks familiar...

Meanwhile, an excavation in China was going on for the search of the Chojinkin Machines. The DC forces appeared and their leader, Archibald Grimes ordered the attack of the site irregardless of civilians.
Yuki and Karla could only watch as their leader laughed manically.

The ATX team appeared and a hot-headed Bullet shouted in the open channel calling the DC forces cowards! This somehow awaken two creatures underground..Yuki started to battle with him and all of the sudden, the sky and the ground started to change. All their machines started to fail and was unable to move.

Mysterious plant like creatures started to surround the site and a flash of light, two machines appeared in the centre-RyuOhki and KoOhki! The two machines laid waste the mysterious plants creatures and took off into the sky...

The introduction of RyuOhki and KoOhki was too early but I think they want to speed things up for Excellen's suprise development. Lamia was funny as she tried to speak properly but fans will know that she is somehow play a connection to Kyosuke and Excellen in the future.

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