Friday, October 15, 2010

Iron Man Ep 2-Quick Change Iron Man

Episode 2 start with a group of terrorists killing a ship crew and stealing plutonium.

Tony was brought up to the Japanese government cabinet and tried to clean his name.

After the conference, he was surrounded by reporters which he sneak his way into Nana's vehicle. He flirt again with Nana and her co-worker was filled with envy.

Soon later, Tony suit up and head straight to the ship where the plutonium went missing. He found the crew dead and a giant robot from Zodiac-Cancer tried to kill him. Iron Man shake off him and proceed to a shipyard where he hack a camera and discovered the location of the plutonium.

Tony drove his own sport car and Nana who was nearby chase him on a scooter. The terrorists' car skidded, missing Nana by a inch. In the confusion, Nana took the bag containing the plutonium and is now being chased by the terrorists!

A mysterious biker appeared and warn Tony not to take the law into his own hands.

Tony ignored him and suit up. Iron Man took care of the terrorists but now Cancer is after Nana! 

Iron Man rescued her and took care of Cancer easily! He then returned the plutonium back and clean his name.

In a secret location, the mysterious biker now wearing a military uniform oversee a humanoid machine...

A good episode with more questions of this mysterious man and who the Zodiac are. Tony was cool having the Iron Man suit in his car as he suit up inside. Can't wait to see the next one!

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