Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You can't beat Fate...

The results are out! Fate and Shizuku make it to the next round! (Sorry Saber Fans!)

Sun Matches was won by Miyako and Natsumi of Hidamari Sketch.

Yesterday matches was won by Momoko Touyoko of Saki-She beat Ui of K-On Touka Ryumonbuchi of Saki and Mikoto Koudou of Kampfer.

The other group is won by Ruikon Saten of Railgun Series-She beat Sae of Hidamari Sketch, Winkry Rockbell of Full Metal Alchemist and Hisako of Angel Beats.

Today's matches-Eruru of Utawaremono will take on Poplar Taneshima, Misuko Kongo of Railgun Series and Kanu Unchou of Koihime Musou.

The other group is Chiharu Harukaze of Hayate no Gotoku taking on Kotobuki Tsumugi of K-On, Rena Ryuuga of When they cry and Kotegawa Yui of ToloveRu.

I am going for Yui and Poplar!

P.S. My internet is back to normal so most probably tonight or tomorrow, new reviews will be up...

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