Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 10 Top 4 Moments: To be a Precure...Part 1

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 10 and the girls are working at the local food festival!

No 4: It's Waitress Time!

The girls were invited by Hana's mum to work at the local food festival as waitress. When the girls used the Mirai pad to change their outfits, Hana was wearing an outfit more suited for the Takoyaki stall than the stylish waitress outfits.

Saya and Homare were enjoying their job while Hana was pressured as the Takoyaki stall owner was an grumpy old man and Hana was unable to get any customers for their stall.

No 3: Do what you can, Hana!

Hana felt disappointed that she couldn't get any customers and she admired the other two girls' performances. However the two girls and Hana's classmate Hinase told her not to worry and do her best in her job.

Hana tried again and did a comical act in front of the Takoyaki stall which the onlookers were laughing at her but Hana mistaken their laughter as an insult and she ran away. (In actual fact, the onlookers started buying from the Takoyaki stall after wards)

No 2: I can't transform!?

Papple arrived and turn the Takoyaki stall owner into an Oshimaida. Hana tried to transform but nothing happened to her! Saya and Homare transformed instead and went to battle. They were knocked to the ground but Hana started cheering on them.

No 1: Hug-Tan!!!!!

Suddenly the Oshimaida fired a shot at Hana, Harry and Hug-Tan when Hug-Tan used her powers to protect them and purify the Oshimaida. But it caused Hug-Tan to over exert her powers and the girls could only watch as Hug-Tan fell into a coma...

Wow! A pretty good episode since we finally see some deep moments. I am suggesting that the Mirai Pad was testing Hana as she has to learn how to be open-minded and not to be peer-pressured.

She was getting somewhere when her friends were trying to encourage her but she mistaken her comical act as being an insult as such she was unable to transform later. It probably showed what the three girls are supposedly good at. Saya is knowledgeable and helpful. Homare is daring and fearless and Hana must learn how to be positive and optimistic because you can't cheer others if you are in a slump.

The fight was pretty all right with Cure Etolie was doing her version of Rolling Defense from Saint Seiya's Andromeda Shun and the Oshimaida was pretty tough since it took their attacks like nothing. Furthermore, it was Hug-Tan who purified the Oshimaida but at the cost of her energy and it is pretty depressing when a sweet baby like Hug-Tan suddenly fell into a coma.

With Hug-Tan fighting for her life and Hana blaming herself, Lulu battled the other two girls in the next episode! Can Hana able to stand up and save everyone? (The next episode preview already spoil the climax) Until then, see you in the post!

P.S: I will be in Japan this Wednesday so the next post will be probably be in two weeks time. I will be watching the next episode next Sunday and might give my thoughts either here or at Livejournal.  

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