Monday, April 2, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 9 Top 3 Moments: The Unsung Hero!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 9 and the girls are off on a hiking trip in the forest!

Hug-Tan introducing the episode!

No 3: Stop Nano Desu! Aisaki Emiru is here!

As the girls were preparing to start their hiking trip, they were stopped by a very caution Aisaki Emiru who happened to be Kotori's classmate. Emiru came prepared with many items which the girls and Emiru's classmates found her to be awkward.


Emiru even mentioned about the Kappa Curse which scared Hana into jumping into a lake and a cucumber falling onto Papple who was trying to find a dating spot.

Emiru became overprotective in her advances like ruining a bridge and trying to stop her classmates from touching dangerous flowers. Her classmates started complaining about Emiru claiming she ruined their fun.

No 2: The Unsung hero!

When Hana and Emiru chased after a monkey who stole their tambourine, they fell into a hole together with Hug-Tan. Emiru started blaming herself for ruining everybody mood. But Hana ensured that Emiru was just concerned about her friends' safety and called her an unsung hero.

When Hug-Tan started crying, Emiru then started singing which calmed her down and the other girls found them.

Papple started creating an Oshimaida from the monkeys but the girls quickly dealt it as it is a Kappa and Cure Yell hit it's weak spot.

No 1: Is that a Kappa?!

The girls and Emiru reunited with the rest of the class and Hana mentioned that Emiru had a wonderful singing voice which her classmates were surprised. Emiru started calling Hana Senpai which got her all modest.

Even the monkey returned the tambourine to them although not before Hug-Tan pointed at something in the river which the girls failed to witness a real Kappa disappearing into the water...

This episode is a mix bag for me. One, we have Emiru who was over concerned for everything and became more of an annoyance to her peers. Even though Hana called her an unsung hero but the truth is Emiru should learn how to express in a more gentle manner rather than being seen as an aggressive and rude person like the scene with the flowers. Emiru was trying to stop her classmates from touching the thorns of the flowers but her action and tone has caused her peers to dislike her further.

Hana is also not a good person to seek advise from in this episode and should let Emiru understand that although her concern for her peers are genuine but the approach taken was wrong.

The battle ended quick as it began which is a minus point for this episode. Papple in this episode was just minding her own business and only got into action because of the negative energy created from the monkeys. (Of all things!)

But at least Emiru was not as creepy than Anri from last week and if Emiru got her bearings together, who know? A potential Precure candidate for the fifth member? (I know Lulu will become one and a rumored fifth Cure for this season)

Next episode, the girls worked in a street festival but during their battle with an Oshimaida, Hana was unable to transform! What is causing it? Until then, see you in the next post!

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