Monday, April 23, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 11 Review: To be a Precure...Part 2 and Ep 12 Review: Girls' Pillow Talk

Hello everyone, I am back from Japan and I did watched Episode 11 over there last week and it has one of the best fight scenes and moments so far! I will start with my thoughts on episode 11 first and then episode 12.

Episode 11: Hana blaming herself after unable to transform due to self confidence and causing Hug-Tan to fall into a coma. Everyone didn't blame her however she gave up her transformation item and ran home.

I felt that Hana regaining her confidence was a bit too simple and quick. (Basically her mother and her friends talked her out of it) When Hug-Tan regained conscious, (with the power of heartbeat) Hana realised she need to do what she can and not to give in to peer pressure.

As I said before in Livejournal, Hana met the mysterious man again and he started preaching on what the girl (which refers to Hana) who has nothing was able to stand against the darkness. I am suspecting that he is trying to create a possible future on his own terms and the girls are unknowingly pawns to his scheme.

Because if a person in anime started preaching on such themes, you know that a) he is an observer or b) the real final boss or c) a complete random nutcase

Charalit who is now confined in a dark room was given one last chance thanks to Papple's scheme and he turned into a giant hideous creature to run rampage in the city. During the battle, Cure Yell was able to get her second Mirai crystal after rescuing her sister and Emiru and she was able to summon the Precure Sword because of her feelings.

Cure Yell tried to deal the final blow on Charalit but stop after sensing his feelings. Charalit started loathing himself for being useless which mirror how Cure Yell was feeling these two episodes. Instead Cure Yell gave a hug to Charalit and the sword became the Melody Sword.

Once Charalit was defeated, Hug-Tan was able to say her first word which is Mama to Hana and everything went back to normal...

Episode 12: The girls had a sleepover at Harry's home although I am wondering did their parents were okay for the girls to stay with an older man for the night?

Somehow Charalit became a youtuber after being purified..didn't he turn into a tree by the girls previously?

There were some nice moments like Hana making takoyaki out of different flavours and watching a horror movie that Saya went all geek mode and Homare was scared stiff.

Of course the important part was Harry revealed more of his and Hug-Tan's back story to the girls and they came from the future which is pretty interesting since Precure rarely use time-travel as the main plot and Harry is confident that despite only having three Precures, they might have a chance to save their timeline.

The fight scene was nothing special since Papple scrambled to gather little negative energy to create a barely strong Oshimaida and the girls used their individual attacks to defeat the Oshimaida.

However the last scene was pretty interesting as Ruru (I am following what her correct name spelling based on the next episode) brainwashed Hana's mother and create a cover story that Ruru is her mother's friend daughter who is here to stay a few days...

Overall, it felt like a setup episode with only Harry's backstory and Ruru infiltrate Hana's home to learn more about the Precures which are vital to the main plot.

With Ruru now in Hana's house, will she find the answers she is looking for or get more than she asked for? (I am thinking the latter) Until then, see you in the next post!

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