Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 8 Top 3 Moments: It's not a waste of time!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 8 and what does this young man want from Homare?

No 3: Meet Anri, Homare's rival.

You are giving me the wrong idea, Anri! (Now take that dress off!)

Anri introduced himself to the girls as him and Homare trained together since young. He wanted to Homare to follow him back to Moscow and claimed that spending time with the girls is a waste of time.

As expected, Hana was worried if Homare is really leaving them but at the same time, Homare is trying her best to make that skating jump. (With a creepy looking Anri stalking her everywhere she goes)

He even spite on Hana after she claimed that cheering Homare is the only thing she could do. But Anri rebutted that anyone can cheer and the girls are holding Homare back.

No 2: Like a Shooting Star!

Homare decided to show Anri that the girls are not holding her back as she showed off her skating skills to him. She fell down the first time but Hana's cheer gave her strength and both Hana and Saya could swore they saw angel wings coming out of Homare's back (Like Saya in the previous episode)

Homare finally make that jump but at the same time, Papple has created an Oshimaida from angry road users to create havoc in the city. The girls went to battle and with the help of her friends, Cure Etolie was able to form the new Mirai Crystal from her emotions.

No 1: Hana's Doubts and the Mysterious Man.

Anri accepted Homare's resolve and later transfer as a student in their school. He even deduced that Homare is Cure Etolie and teased he might try to be a Precure (Oh no, you don't!)

Hana started to have doubts about whether her cheering is helpful since Anri claimed that anyone could do it and it is giving unnecessary pressure to the people that is cheered on. Hana then met a mysterious man who earlier was together with Papple and he started preaching about how nothing lasts forever.

From the look of it, this man which is credited as George in the ending could be (a) the final boss in human form or (b) a person related to Hug-Tan.

This week's episode was kinda of a mixed bag because Anri is a bit of jerk and a narcissist. Like in every season, there is always a person who is related to the one of the girls and looked down at the others claiming they are holding back that particular girl. Anri is the perfect example of an A-hole.

Like how he rebutted at Hana on her cheering and Homare is wasting her time with her friends. But this is Precure where you don't choose Door No.1 or Door No.2 but rather you create Door No. 3 to move ahead and that's what Homare did. She can be a skater and be with her friends at the same time.

The fight was mediocre even with Cure Etolie getting her new Mirai Crystal. But the more concerned moments was Hana's doubts of her cheering which it is definitely will come back to haunt her and the mysterious man, George which Papple commented that she wished her time with George will last forever but George preached of an Utopia will fall eventually which is similar to what Harry describe of his world before the Cryasse Corporation conquered it.

Overall, this episode was average to me as Anri was unlikable to me. Compared to last week's Ranze, at least she was straight forward and doesn't go around stalking people like Anri. Next episode, the girls joined Hana's sister for a school hiking trip and a particular classmate seemed rather off to Hana.

Until then, see you in the next post!

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