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Hugtto Precure Ep 6 Top 6 Moments: The Girls' First Job!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 6 and the girls get to do their First Job as a Florist!

No 6: Welcome to Hugman Centre!

 Saya like the drill gun for some reason. (Maybe she is a Sadist at heart)

Hana suggested to go out as a group and they arrived at Hugman Centre which basically a home centre like real life home centre IKEA with many home appliances of sort. Furthermore, Hana's father Shintaro is the manager of the centre and he welcome the girls to the centre.

No 5: Florist for a Day!

Why are the older women with ponytails in Precure so hot? Like Miyuki and Megumi's mother, they are hot too!

The girls saw a florist named Mari was coping her flower ship alone since her assistants had reported sick and decided to help up. With the help of the Mirai pad, the girls wore suitable clothing for the job. Mari also told the girls to handle the flowers with care since the flowers are living things and with care and love, they will bring a smile to customers.

Of course, Hana being Hana slipped and fell on a wet floor which she was mopping it and a customer commented to be dirty. But somehow, Hana has a sense of Deja vu after Saya was holding a bouquet of flowers...

No 4: Meet Papple, the 2nd General of Cryasse Corporation

Papple arrived to mock Charalit after he was removed from his position and she went off to find the White Mirai Crystal. Later we see her creating an Oshimaida from Mari's negative energy-complete with a night club light show and a phone which resemble those car phones back in the 90s. (Maybe Papple is someone from the past) I mean, she does behave like a character from the 90s and even call a taxi to take her to her destination and even asked for a reciept. (What, she want to claim her taxi fare?)

Other than that, Papple's behaviour is typical of a Precure Female Fatale. But I can tell someone is probably doing a doujin of her right now since we had not have a hot villain after Mamo from Doki Doki. (Maybe the florist Mari also as she too looked hot and I am already thinking of a NTR scenario between her and Hana's father)

No 3: Follow that Baby!

Harry: I want my Mummy!

Even this little girl is adorable playing with Hug-Tan!

After Hug-Tan was mistaken placed into a trolley by a little girl, Harry panicked and ended in the lost centre. The girls and Harry continue to search Hug-Tan until Shintaro found Hug-Tan relaxing on a man's backpack. The search was expected but I actually laugh at Harry crying like a little baby in the centre and had to be comfort by two kids! The girls also kinda face palmed at Harry's behaviour...

No 2: Assemble but no Team roll call?!

The girls battle Papple's Oshimaida and oddly enough, there was no shout out of their team name when they assembled. Maybe the girls haven't figure what their team should be called. Papple also mentioned "More Precures" which indicate the trio are not the first Precures the Cryasse Corporation has faced before.

The girls also worked as a team overcoming the Oshimaida although it is still Cure Yell deal with the finisher. Can't expected much with only 6 episodes in. But the girls definitely need a name for their team...

No 1: Saya is the Yasai Shoujo?!

Little Saya is adorable!

My Dark Secret has been revealed!

When Hana's mother Sumire offered to give the girls a magazine column for their Jobs experience, Sumire recongize Saya as the Yasai Shoujo, a former child actress which Saya was left speechless...

As this is the first episode where the three girls are together, I don't expected much from the fight scenes but rather on character development. The girls learn that being a florist is not easy but the satisfaction is to see their customers smile when they received their flowers. Shintaro also mentioned the same things to the girls as any job they do is for their customers to be happy.

Which I kinda of understand why this season is about finding that perfect career. Papple mentioned she only care of getting the job done and didn't care what the consequences will be which is how real life, some people treated their job as only a job and does not find the self-satisfaction of what they do.

Those who do find meaning in their job will hold their jobs with pride and it doesn't matter you are just a florist or a manager of a store. The most important is to be positive and you will find your jobs does matter to someone.

Back to the episode, it had a lot of cute moments with Hug-Tan and the little girl who is so adorable. Papple was more fun than Charalit with her antics and Harry crying like a baby!

Next episode, we finally find out why Saya is so secretive of her child actress past and how it has been haunting her till today. Oh yeah, Lulu also joined in the fight! Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: I decided to change the theme of my blog and if you can recongize who are those girls on my heading, you deserve a candy!

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