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Hugtto Precure Ep 7 Top 5 Moments: Saya's Doubts

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 7 and how does Saya react after her childhood past was revealed?

No 5: Enter Ichijo Ranze!

As the girls were walking to school, they met a self-proclaimed rival of Saya named Ichijo Ranze who also performed in the same commercial with Saya years ago. (Ranze was in a Spring Onion costume) Ranze accused Saya of using her actress mother, Yakushiji Reira's status to get the lead role but Saya denied it.

Ranze challenged Saya to an upcoming audition for a stage play next week and laughed her way out. (Which Homare commented that Ranze's Hohoho laughter does exist in real life)

Reira's new show is called Darling of the Dead...doesn't look like a horror movie to me based on the poster...

Saya felt uneasy as her mother is like the talk of the town and she is reluctant to enter the audition.

No 4: Get into character, Saya!

Saya tried to get into character in a nearby lake as Hana and Homare were watching her nearby. They were impressed by Saya's performance akin to a real angel. However Saya couldn't get into character again after her friends were looking at her.

This is a lovely shot of the girls!

Saya admitted to have stage fright and the pressure of being Reira's daughter as everyone around Saya compared her with her mother. Hana and Homare cheered her up and encouraged to go for the audition to see if acting is really her stint.

No 3: Audition begins!

Hana and Homare gave Saya a wristband that Hug-Tan make with the heart making device. (Aka buy our toy!) However Ranze tried to taunt Saya by telling everyone that she is Reira's daughter. Hana and Homare used the Mirai Pad to disguise as air stewardess and pulled a funny skit to lighten Saya's mood.

Saya then performed her lines with confidence. Subsequently after the battle with Lulu, Ranza got the role of the villain while Saya didn't got the lead role at all...

No 2: Lulu vs the Precures!

After Papple pushed the job of getting rid of the Precure to Lulu, she travelled into the city and used Ranze's negative energy to create an Oshimaida. (Got to love Lulu's summoning!) The girls went to battle but Lulu has analyzed the girls' fighting abilities (Like Cure Yell is predictable, Cure Ange has no offensives powers and Cure Etolie can get distracted easily) and knocked them down to the ground.

No 1: Cure Ange's New Mirai Crystal!

When Lulu thought she has defeated the girls, Cure Ange was holding herself up and remember how her friends has given her strength to join the audition. A bright light appeared on her and a new Mirai Crystal was given to Cure Ange.

Cure Ange used Heart Feather but in a more offensives move to stun the Oshimaida before Cure Yell finished it off. After learning she didn't get the role, Saya was not disappointed as it gave her time to figure out if acting is really the path to choose. (Until the next character development for her)

Suddenly a handsome man appeared and hug Homare all of a sudden claiming he missed her...

This episode has some interesting moments with the introduction of Ichijo Ranze who might be related to Ichijo Ranko of Go Princess Precure. Seeing they have similar characters and motivation to defeat their self-proclaimed rival is always fun to watch as the show need some human antagonists to rival the girls' goody two shoes behaviour.

Ichijo Ranze was voiced by Suzaki Aya who Idolmaster Cinderalla Girls fans will know her as the gentle colleage girl, Nitta Minami and Tamako of Tamako Market. Saya's Mother Reira is voiced by Okamoto Maya who is well known as Orihime of Sakura Wars and Emma Sheen of Zeta Gundam.

Lulu's debut battle was pretty interesting as she has a really cool summoning using technology as her motif. Furthermore, Lulu does not understand the concept of love when Papple told her she is going to meet her boyfriend which might suggest that Lulu is either a machine or she lacked the emotions due to her unique abilities.

Lulu has also proven of knocking down the girls to the ground which Charalit and Papple has failed to do. But she too was shocked that Cure Ange was able to take her blows and created a new move to weaken the Oshimaida. I hope we get to see Lulu again as I got a feeling the more she fight, the more her emotions can be awaken and maybe..a new cure (Cough!)

For Saya, I felt she is still discovering on what path she should take and not to be swayed by others to blindly follow her mother's career. Saya also took her acting pretty seriously since she went to the lake to get into character and the other two girls praised her acting.

Not getting the lead role was a bit surprising but expected since Saya is not keen into acting just yet. But I am pretty sure it will come back again in future episodes like how Minami/Cure Mermaid took almost 3/4 of the season to become an ocean veterinarian. The new Mirai Crystal that Saya got in her battle is an indication that the girls will get their first power up soon which is probably before the first quarter.

But we had a new problem when this handsome guy appeared and hugged Homare to everyone shock. We do find out this guy is a skater like Homare and want to take her back to Moscow for her skating career. Will Homare accept it or just ignore this guy's persistent?

Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Yes, I am aware that Huggto Precure will meet Cure Black and Cure White in the big screen on October! So it is basically the first Precure team meeting the latest team just like Heisei Riders vs Showa Riders without all the unnecessary fighting and annoying movie kid!

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