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Hugtto Precure Ep 5 Top 5 Moments: The Third Precure Part 2

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 5 and is Homare able to overcome her trauma?

No 5: Welcome to Beauty Harry!

Homare had a flashback of her cutting her hair after her accident. Hana and Saya then called her for help to redecorate Harry's shop now called Beauty Harry. Homare with her good fashion sense was able to make appealing for customers.

The shop received a good flow of customers (With Harry counting the profits like Kazuma from Konosuba-Same voice actor) and the two girls thanked Homare and even took a selfie together.

No 4: Heart to Heart Talk.

Homare asked them why they need her and Hana told her they want to make friends with her. However Homare took it wrongly and left the shop with Hug-Tan. Everyone found Homare at the swings and she apologise to Hana for yelling at her when Hana previously was trying to cheer her up. Hana also admitted she is still trying to understand everyone's feelings and might have carry away with her feelings.

Is Hana trying to break the Fourth Wall?

Don't call me Homare-Chan!

Hana also admired Homare's maturity and style but Homare admire Hana's honesty and caring. Saya and Harry also want make friends with Homare and it got her all blushing red. (Especially being called Homare-Chan)

No 3: Last Chance, Charalit!

Charalit was reprimanded by Restore that he has yet to deliver his promise of finding the Mirai Crystal. Furthermore it was Lulu who reported to Restore about Charalit's failures. He was given one last chance and trapped Homare up on a ledge of a building.

Forcing Homare to face her fear and creating an Oshimaida out of her, the girls went to battle and Harry and Hug-Tan saw Homare was struggling with her inner demons. She then remembered how the girls and Harry offered their friendship to her which finally awaken her Mirai Crytal. Homare finally jumped out of the ledge to grab her Crystal and transformed to Cure Etolie.

No 2: Precure of Strength, Cure Etolie!


Cure Etolie joined the fight with the two girls. Using her special attack, Hug Star and a spinning kick (With help from Cure Yell and Cure Ange), the Oshimaida was finally defeated. Cure Etolie was also welcomed by Hug-Tan (With her all going gaga over Hug-Tan)

No 1: The Three Girls Assembled!

With all three members finally assembled, the girls decided to drop off honorifics so they get to know each other better. Although Homare still call Hana by her full name which she doesn't mind at all and even falling into a pond...

With all three girls assembled, we finally get the story going. (at least until the next power-up reveal) It was expected that Homare will joined the team since last week's preview already gave away the episode.

For Homare to overcome her trauma, I felt it was a bit simplistic since all she need to do is just jump off the ledge to get her Crystal. It wasn't like Harry and Hug-Tan are in danger and Homare need to overcome her fear to save them. (Although it will make a more interesting moment rather than Homare remembering her friends words earlier and taking a leap of faith)

Cure Etolie was all right for her debut battle. With Hug Punch which is basically Cure Lemonade's Lemon Chain, (Although a Flying Punch will be better since it is called Hug Punch) and a Spinning Kick that she performed with the other two acting as leverage which it has been a while we have such combination attacks in Precure. (I am looking at you, Kira Kira)

Papple remind me of those Nightclub Hostess...but I like it!

With Charalit wasting his last chance, (Finally! Never really like him in the first place) The next general, Papple is making her move in the next episode. We also get to hear their boss, Kurai spoke for the first time. Although we don't have a Seiyuu for his voice but from his voice, he sounds really pissed and angry!

Triple Precure Punch!

The girls also begin to do odd jobs for some reason. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Although we have Cure Etolie joining this episode, it is peanuts compared since Goku has finally mastered the true Ultra Instinct Form in today's Dragonball Super episode!

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