Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hugtto Precure Ep 4 Top 6 Moments: The Third Precure Part 1

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 4 and the search for the Third Precure begins...

No 6: Harry opening a beauty salon and Homare is my classmate!?

As Harry is planning to turn their hangout into a beauty salon, Hana and Saya were given the task to find the next Precure and Hana is suggesting that Homare should be a Precure. Just then, Homare entered the class and was sitting behind Hana. (Which is the most awkward thing for Hana and Saya is slow in telling Hana that Homare is their classmate)

No 5: Homare and a Dog.

The two girls and Harry with Hug-Tan saw Homare coming out of a pets' shop with a dog. She explained she saved the dog from being run over by a truck and she swore she could hear a baby's cries (Which is Hug-Tan) when it happened. Hana and Saya realised that Homare might be the next Precure.

No 4: 3 on 3 Basketball!

I am not a Kid!

A trio of older kids were hogging the basketball court and Hana step in to help. (She was mistaken for a kid too!) Homare challenged the trio in a game of basketball. She was doing well but when she want to jump, she started seeing an old trauma and pass to Hana instead to score. The trio of older kids then recognize Homare as a well known ice skater and ran off.

No 3: Homare's past.

Saya used the Mirai pad (At least it is not that big laptop of her) and found out that Homare had an accident during her performance and stopped skating. Homare then saw her former coach who want her back in the team but she ignored him. Suddenly Charalit appeared and turn Homare's coach into a Oshimaida!

No 2: I can't do it...

As Cure Yell and Cure Ange hold off the Oshimaida who is more stronger due to Lulu giving new battle data to Charalit. Homare wished she can be like the Precures and her heart awaken her Mirai Crystal. Harry told her to get it. (The Crystal was hanging in the air)

But as Homare jumped up to get it, her trauma of her accident returned and she fell to the ground in tears and her Crystal also vanished...

No 1: Never Give Up!

Never Estimate the Power of Cheerleaders!

During the fight, the two cures were getting pushed back by the Oshimaida but Cure Yell's willpower was so strong that she shouted not to give up. When she saw Homare in tears, Cure Yell started cheering her up with her poms poms and at the same time, took down the Oshimaida with unbelievable speed and determination.

After purifying the Oshimaida and Charalit retreated, Homare thanks the girls for saving her coach but her spirit was down after she failed to get her Crystal. Hana tried to cheer her but she told her off but Hana told her "See you Tomorrow.."

If Tsubomi is brave, Miyuki is comical, Haruka is graceful then Hana has incredible determination and a lot of "Guts".

Let's start with Homare who is definitely suffering from a dramatic setback after her performance ended in an accident. The trauma was so bad that she "retired" from skating. Of course, her classmates (minus Hana and Saya) were prejudiced of Homare as they thought she has become a delinquent. But in truth, Homare really need to make the first step in overcoming her trauma which we will see that in the next episode.

But the other highlight of course was the fight with the Oshimaida, it was so awesome to see high tension fight scene as Cure Yell moved at such incredible speed and determination that I am giving two thumbs up for just this scene alone!

Cure Yell's cheering for Homare might look insignificant but the truth, cheering for others when the odds are against them really matter as it will push others to make the impossible possible. Why do you think cheer leading performance is such an important factor in any events?

I want Cure Etolie and Cure Twinkle to walk in the catwalk together...(Both have good fashion styles)

This episode is a warm up to the next episode since the preview showed Homare finally overcoming her trauma and becoming Cure Etolie. Not much to say for this episode so until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. Such a good episode a very nice build up Homare