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Kira Kira Precure Ep 49 Final Review: Whip! Step! Jump! Spread Happiness to the World!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure Final Episode 49! Let's not waste any more time!

A year has passed after the battle with Elysio. The girls are in their final year of school and everything was going well. Himari won a Sweets science contest, Aoi has a real live concert, Akira is preparing to go to Med school, Ciel and Rio won in every culinary contest and Yukari was successful in her overseas stint.

Hug-tan is adorable!

Ichika kept a wall of memories in the Patisserie and still remember the promise from Elysio to make the world a better place. At the same time, Nono Hana and Hug-tan were looking for their Patisserie and met Yukari who took them there.

Hana having an odd hair fringe is probably her charm which I am okay with that.

After enjoying a nice meal from Ichika, Hana left with Hug-tan. Pekorin found books about various countries which belonged to Ichika and she explained that she want to go all over the world to spread smiles and happiness. However she is worried that if she leave, the Patisserie will be closed forever. Pekorin blamed herself thinking she is the one who is holding back Ichika's dream and the others also realised that Ichika has been bottling all her emotions for so long.

As Hana was leaving, a strange creature suddenly absorbed the Kiraru energy from her sweets and it turned out to be Elder's physical body (I am calling it Dark Elder) which has been corrupted and became huge. The girls went to battle but were knocked out by Dark Elder's constant yelling.

Cure Yell has arrived!

Pekorin and the spirits went into battle but were captured by Dark Elder. At this moment, Cure Yell appeared and free Pekorin and the others. The girls tried again to purfiy Dark Elder with both Pekorin and Elder convince Dark Elder to forgive them.

Dark Elder was purified and Elder got back his physical body. With that, the girls knew they can move on to their next path in life...

Ciel and Himari looked the same only a bit taller...

Aoi is really sexy! (I like it!)

Akira looked like Akane from Smile Precure

Yukari looked like a Female Fatale...Black Widow anyone?

If this girl is Lumiere, does that mean this is the first time a Precure truly died? Anyway they are all spirits to begin with...

Ichika also looked the same, just a bit taller...

A few years has passed and everyone was successful in their life. In a remote country, Ichika offered sweets to two children with a puppy (who looked like the reincarnation of Noir, Lumiere and Diable) and welcome everyone to her Patisserie!

Compared to last year Maho Tsukai's finale, Kira Kira actually gave a proper epliogue with the girls moving to adulthood (Finally seeing their adult looks!) Ichika might not have Haruka or Tsubomi's flare but she too matured from an innocent girl to a person who want to know in life which is to spread happiness about the world not because of a promise from Elysio but because she wants to.

(At least, it is not as facepalm like Maho Tsukai where they went all round reliving their childhood and battling a Sweet tooth Dokuroxy)

Final Thoughts: Kira Kira is all about breaking out of one's shell and growing to be a better person. Himari overcame her shyness, Aoi follow her dream of becoming a singing sensation, Akira become a doctor to help others, Yukari realise that the world is huge and Ichika was inspired by her mother to spread happiness around the world.

The villains might not be the best but at least they put up a more decent fight than the Dark Magicians. The only one that jump left-field was Elysio who back stabbed Noir without any rthym or reason. Although we do get an explanation of his betrayal but it was like a last minute change from the writers to pull a fast one in order to make the show interesting.

I am not saying you can't pull a stunt like that but at least have some hints of Elysio's eventual betrayal. It took the last three episodes to have such a climax which in my opinion is too rushed and looking at Noir and Elysio's motives-both of them are just big babies who threw a large tantrum and turned the whole world upside down. (At least, it is not a giant creature like Desumast who is just evil for the sake of evil)

The fight scenes were probably one of the worst in Precure history no thanks from parents complaining the show was violent because of physical attacks as such the girls were reduced to shooting whip cream in every battle. Furthermore, Toei was lazy and did not put effort to make the battles interesting since the girls are just playing super socker in every fight.

Only the final battle with Elysio did the girls started using some physical attacks which why did it took 48 episodes to realise that Precures will always need go to physical. If Cure Yell's debut appearance prove one thing is that physical attacks will return in Huggto Precure. (Fingers crossed)

Speaking about Cure Yell/Hana's debut, she is all right with similar traits like Ichika or Mirai but since Hug-tan seems to follow her throughout the episode, she probably has a bigger sense of responsibility to take care of Hug-tan which we will see how it goes next week.

Overall, Kira Kira Precure is not the worst series (That title goes to Maho Tsukai as the worst series) Toei tried something different with sweets and non physical battles and somehow it backfired. Getting through this season became more of a chore for me every week as it is pretty hard to write a review when there is really nothing interesting to write about.

Sure, there were some decent episodes like Rio's reveal as Ciel's brother, the Crystal Animals and Elysio's betrayal. In the end, I will put Kira Kira as adequate and Toei is only giving the bare minimum of how Precure should be and playing it too safe.

Thank you, Kira Kira Precure for the memories!

Well, that's my thoughts of Kira Kira Precure. A show that has a lot of issues but it is not the worst of the lot. But we should let go of this disappointment and move on like how the girls moved on with their lives. So let's thank Kira Kira Precure for the past one year and welcome Huggto Precure next week and hopefully a better season ahead!

Until then, thanks everyone for getting through this season and see you next week for the first episode of Huggto Precure!

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  1. This episode remembered me to the final episode of Mahougirls. I haven't seen it, but as I can read here, they concluded better in this season.