Sunday, November 19, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 40 Review: Night of the Dark Minions Part 2

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 40 and Pikario returned as a brand new Rio with a cool white outfit!

The Good: This episode is what I want for a Precure episode. With so much tension and the build up in the end was really good. Both Rio and Bibury buy the girls time as they tried to create Positive Kiraru energy out of sweets however their plan was foiled by Grave who immediately ruined their sweets.

Rio tried to hold off Grave but his staff was destroyed and all the pieces scattered all over town. The girls tried again with Animal Merry Go Round but it won't and were knocked out. However the animals in the town which was led by Mitsuboshi gathered all the pieces and more ingredients to make the sweets.

We also get to know a bit of Grave's back story and unlike most Precure villains who are usually corrupted due to failures in life, Grave himself was already a bad person who picked on the weak and rise to power. However everyone dislike his methods and in which Noir took interest and make Grave into his generals.

Suddenly the spirits has created enough sweets to purify the town and restored the townspeople back to normal. Everyone looked at Grave with contempt which the Diablemobile took over Grave's body and become Gravzilla (Yeah, I make that up)

The girls now with their powers restored combined the Kiraru Creamers to create the new Sweet Castle decor. The girls then transformed into their new Sweet Castle Form and defeated Grave.

Elsio who was observing all these time sealed up Diable, Grave and his car into cards. Elsio then told the girls this is just the beginning of the end...

The Bad: Other than Rio is just one trick pony and his wand was broken by Grave. So does that mean he can't transform anymore?

Overall, I like how Grave has miscalculated that he only turned the townspeople into minions and not knowing that the animals and the spirits are all connected to this town. I like how it wasn't the girls that created the miracle but instead Piko and the others all worked together to purify everyone and the girls combine their powers to create their new Sweet Castle Form. (Which I completely forgot that the girls said "Let's mix!" was what make them stronger as a team than as individuals)

Grave himself doesn't need any sympathy from me as he is though and though a big bully. Noir making him his general was no surprise since he was already evil in the first place. So getting sealed in Elsio's cards was his deserved punishment.

The Girls' Sweet Castle Form was pretty cute with all the big skirts and animal ears. Although their finisher is just a more bigger version of Animal Merry Go Round which I was hopping for something different in this new form.

Like what Elsio told the girls this is the beginning of the end, we are only 9 to 10 episodes away before the finale so let's hope the last quarter will make every episode count till the end. Next week, Ciel and Rio were rekindling their lost relationship but can Rio overcome his fear of being a villain before?  Until then, see you in the next post!


  1. I really want Elysio to cause the team to suffer. The fact Ichika had that stern look on her face shows she can’t let up on him. So it would be a great opportunity for Elysio to expect expose the identity of the precures by force. Also, when do you plan to bring back top moments?

  2. I haven't written my review yet, so I briefly tell you something about this ep.

    About Grave miscalculates the animals and mascots, if you looked back to few eps ago, actually it is a bug. The animals should not be able to help the mascots. Grave doesn't miscalculate. What he doesn't expect is the director opens the door for the animals without being infected by the darkness.

    Although it is your preference that others purify everything for Precure (i.e. create the miracle), the question is...why we need Precure since others can do what Precure can do?

    Other points about this ep I would like to elaborate in my review instead.
    As for Sweet Castle, fyi, there is a real Sweet Castle in Aichi, Japan, which is sweets museum.