Thursday, September 14, 2017

King of Fighters Destiny Ep 5 to Ep 8 Review (Spoilers!)

Hi everyone! I was waiting for a few episodes together to make a review and it look like things are about to get interesting! (Episode 8 was leaked online and Potential Spoilers for episode 9)

Episode 5 is a flashback episode about Geese and his hate relationship with Wolfgang Krauser who is his half brother. Geese was an illegitimate son of the Krauser Family and was the first child. Despite that,Wolfgang despise him and drove Geese out of the family. With nowhere to go, Geese trained under Tung Fu Rue and studied together with Jeff Bogard.

But Geese was again let down after Tung choose Jeff to be the successor and he swore that he will get what he want which led to the beginning of Episode 2 on the night of Jeff's murder. It is an interesting past that make Geese a victim of circumstances and was betrayed twice by his "brothers"-Wolfgang and Jeff which explained his twisted mind now.

Like I said, an Ass Kicking!

Episode 6 was a fan service episode with Yuri meet King in London and she convinced King to join the tournament since King is in need of cash. (In the original canon, it was for her younger brother's medical bills) They met up with Mai who was harassed by some street punks and gave them an ass-kicking! (Literately)

One of the more interesting question that fans wonder all these years about Mai's ninja fan was finally explained since we always wonder how many fans did she have hidden in her body? The answer? Her fans are actually like boomerang that come back to her every time she threw it.

In the end, the three girls formed the "Queens" team and joined the tournament...

Episode 7 begin with Kyo calling back to his father, Saisyu to explain of the Orochi presence in South Town and after Saisyu was hen-pecked by his wife, the Kusanagi blade started to vibrate. Meanwhile Angeline met with Geese's assistant, Matt who blackmailed her after knowing she stole Geese's money for herself.

Matt tried to rape her but was saved by Terry and somehow Angeline has a flashback of her younger self with Terry years ago. (Which probably explained why she asked have they met before. Because they did but Terry can't remember now) The two of them had a moment together (Correction to previous episode-Angeline is Geese's adopted daughter and not daughter in law)

As Kyo and company were looking through the list of fighters for the tournament, Heidern had a nightmare of his family being murdered and a mysterious man pulled his right eye out...

Kensou...can't get away from Hot Bao after all these years...

Finally Episode 8 which is the gathering of fighters as they all arrived at Geese Tower. First was Kyo's team followed by the Psycho Soldiers Team. (Athena, Kensou and Chin) Benimaru spotted Ralf and Clark arrived and was bragging that he can take them. Next was the Queen's Team which Ryo got into an argument with Yuri and Robert got stuck in the middle.

The Korea Team (Kim, Chang and Choi) arrived with reporters interviewed Kim on why he recruited Chang and Choi who are hard core criminals. Being the self righteous person he is, Kim claimed he can turned them a new leaf with his training. (Yeah right, after so many years, the two of them never seemed to change)

This feel like a VS title screen on a video game...

"REAL BOUT" is from Real Bout Fatal Fury which is a Remake of sort to the First Fatal Fury game

Yeah! Show me more, Mai!

Terry, Andy and Joe arrived and Billy was trying to start a fight with Terry but stopped because of the media. Andy and Mai got into a Lovers' quarrel and Kyo used Benimaru to create a diversion as he follow Terry who has sneaked past security. Terry spotted Geese entering a secret passage in a hidden wall and follow in...

So after 8 episodes, the tournament will begin very soon. The latest episode was pure fan service with all your favourite characters interacting each other. Kyo showing respect to Chin since he was their senior, Athena was lovely though her hair seem a bit too bright. (Who unfortunately has no line in this episode but I know she is voiced by Ikezawa Haruna who is the official voice for Athena since KOF' 98)

Mai showing off her assets was lovely with Yuri felt embarrassed about her own bust size. Ralf and Clark acting all bad ass and walking away from everyone else. (Do you even think will we see Leona Heidern in the future?) Andy and Mai squabbling was hilarious as they butt out Joe at the same time and Benimaru calling Mai a hot busty woman.

So in the next episode, Geese meet "R" and they brainwashed the America Sports Team (Heavy D, Brian Battler and Lucky Glauber) with the Dark Crystals. We also get Terry vs Kyo in the car park but I know this is just a warm up for better things to come! Until then, see you in the next post!

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