Monday, September 18, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 32 Review: A Gift From the Past!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 32 and what happened after the girls' colored crystals has finally taken shape?

The Good: When the girls and Bibury were transported to the past, (which I am guessing it is during the Taisho Era given how the people in the town were dressed) they encountered Cure Lumiere who is the mysterious goddess all these while.

Cure Lumiere was battling some dark creatures and the girls aided her. After that Lumiere was making cupcakes to revive the townspeople who lost their Kiraru energy. The girls helped her and they tried to ask Lumiere about their animal crystals. However she does not know what it was until   the girls were about to return back to the present, Lumiere claimed that the crystals represent who they are and she entrust the future to the girls.

Bibury who arrived in the past realised that Noir was the one who implanted the hatred to the townspeople and making Bibury to fall into darkness. When she too returned back to the present, she wanted to change to a new leaf however Iru the doll took over her body and become a giant Iru.

The girls were losing to Iru until Lumiere's treasure which is a Creamer also came to the present and the girls inserted the crystals on it, giving them the Kirakirau Creamer. The girls were granted animal summons that aid them and defeated Iru with Precure Animal-Go-Round.

Bibury was saved and she was restored to her original self. Elder suspected that the shrine was Cure Lumiere's resting area and now the girls have the powers to overcome the darkness...

The Bad: Bibury's past is kinda of a mystery since the only clues we have is that she is from the past and everyone around her hated her. Noir is a mystery since he has already existed in the past but from the look of it, Cure Lumiere defeated him and the town was saved until now. Other than that, the battle was one-sided since Iru was basically a bullet sponge after the girls threw everything on it until the final attack.

Overall, a good episode after the last few episodes, I get it that the last few episodes are setting up for the girls to acknowledge who they are. Although the characters development was not the most ideal in my opinion but the pay-off in this episode was all right with the new Kirakirau Creamer which to be honest I can think of several innuendos about that device and don't lie, you know what that creamer's real purpose is for.

The Crystal Animals that the girls riding on was pretty cute which I hope the girls could used the animals like a pet companion during battles rather than just the finisher. Cure Lumiere was more of a plot device which we still don't know much about her and what happened after the battle with Noir. My guess is she probably became a goddess to protect the town and her spirit essence is kept in the hidden chamber. Furthermore, her former kitchen resemble the current Kirakira Patisserie which explained where all the girls powers come from.

In the next episode, Bibury joined the girls which I am happy about it. However strange shadow creatures were spotted in town that resemble from Bibury's past. What are they and what is the connection between them and the Kiraru energy? Until then, see you in the next post.

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