Monday, July 24, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 24 Review: Hunger Panic!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 24 and Ciel officially joined the team!

First thing first! Pikario didn't die! (Though I wish he did since it will gave the girls real consequences for their actions) Not only it was a cop-out from last week but in fact, the secret room in the cave is putting Pikario on life support. The girls were also given 6 colors pearls which I am guessing is for their next power-up.

Which it is obvious as we are introduced to two new generals-Elysio and Grave after Biburi was defeated. (Hope she come back as a crazed psycho since no body means no death)

However the focus is on Ciel and her interaction with Ichika, Himari and Aoi. Ciel enrolled into Ichika's class after having lunch with her and her father. (Although how she managed to get in without parents or guardian's permission is another question but then this is Precure where everyone is a little bit oblivious to certain things)

Ciel excel in almost every subjects except Japanese Language since she spent most of her time in France. But the big surprise was Ciel need to eat a lot or else she will turn back into Kirain which I am guessing she used a lot of energy to maintain her human form. However Ciel revert to Kirain and create a scene in school-like how Ha-Chan roam around the school when she first appeared.

The three Junior girls managed to find Ciel and they accepted her weakness since they are all friends now. (Which I actually like this scene with Kirain hugging them on the cheeks) Of course, Grave appeared with his minions and decided to suck up any Kirain energy in the town like a vacuum. (Which means that the villains are going for a more offensives approach rather than aiming a certain target like Biburi and Rio)

The battle isn't anything special despite Cure Parfait joining the fight (No group pose since Yukari and Akira joined in later) The ending is Ciel joining the girls in making cupcakes which I am guessing she might have closed off her own cafe. (So what happen to her staff? Did they magically disappear?)

I agreed that Cure Parfait's addition in the opening felt lazy as they just superimposed her like Photoshop.

You are a Pal, Principal!

Overall, a pretty okay episode with some funny moments with Ichika making a pun joke on her school principal and the girls accepting Ciel as their new friend and ally. Grave is probably the muscle of the group although I hope one of the girls become his opposite in order to hype the tension.

Next episode, the focus is on Yukari and Akira as Elysio make his move on Yukari which cause some tension between Akira and her. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: Dragonball Super has finally hit the 100th episode with homages from Dragonball Z Movie 8 and 9. Jired has also proven that there is nothing big deal about Super Saiyan that he cannot handle since he one-shot Kale like nothing.

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